7 Baby Shower Gifts I would Give to Myself

Everyone Loves gifts and wants to get gifts. This is true for the mother of a child. Today we will discuss some baby shower gifts that are very important for a baby.

You might think that baby shower gifts only apply to babies. This idea is not entirely correct. As a mom, you can give yourself some baby shower gifts. Or, you can give these baby shower gifts to a friend who is a mother or going to be a mother, which is very helpful to her and her baby.

So, in this article, I am going to give you some of my favorite gift ideas for a baby shower. Whether you are a mom or you never had kids before or you have no idea what to give a mother, these products can be a part of your gift collection. Hopefully, you guys get some ideas from this article. Let’s get started.


1: Books

It is really necessary for future parents to include books on their baby registries. Books have the ability to create memories. Books help to develop the vocabulary of your child. You can include books in your baby shower gifts for your baby’s enjoyment also.

You can never ever go wrong buying books. Books are so important for young children’s development.


  • Baby books have simple pictures and simple words.
  • Books are engaging.
  • Your baby will find different types of sensory things inside books.
  • Any type of book has been always a great idea.


  • Books have no bad side at all. They are a great knowledge partner of your baby.



2: Snot Sucker

Snot-sucker is a must element for every mom and little baby. There is usually dirt inside the baby’s nose. For this dirt, they cannot breathe properly. They feel uncomfortable and may cry sometime. And kids cannot blow their noses on their own.

And a mother does not care much about her baby’s nose until her baby is sick. To remove dirt and mucous inside the baby nose, snot sucker is very helpful. So, it’s not sucker, it is a very good gift idea.


  • A snot sucker is easy to clean.
  • Easy to use.
  • Don’t have to stick it in the baby’s nose.
  • You can see what you are sucking out.


  • Some baby may hate it.
  • Should be cleaned after every use.



3: Diapers

Diapers are one of the best baby shower gifts. A baby needs about 3000 diapers per year. Babies are put on diapers and thrown away at the end of the work. Parents have to buy a lot of diapers for their child.

It will always keep your baby dry. Even when you go somewhere or go to an event, you don’t have to get into trouble. This shower gift is essential for keeping your baby clean.


  • It keeps your baby clean and safe.
  • Keep your baby dry.
  • It allows a quick change.
  • Safe for babies.


  • You need to change it every time.
  • They cause a lot in the long run.
  • Skin rashes can occur if not used properly.



4: Baby Wipes

If we talk about baby care products, then baby wipes must be on that list. So, for mother and child, it is another good baby shower gift. While using a diaper, it is used for wiping the baby’s bottom while using a diaper.

A baby wipe is designed with baby skin in mind for safety and hygiene. For any type of baby cleaning purpose, you will find baby wipe as a huge useful item.


  • Always balance PH levels.
  • It removes dirt and oils.
  • They are soft.
  • Make diaper changes easy.


  • May cause irritation.
  • May cause allergy.



5: Gift Cards

A gift card is an important baby shower gift idea for moms. You can store gift cards of Amazon, Target to buy necessary things for your baby. Or you can keep restaurant gift card also with you.

When you are the mother of a small child, you often do not have enough time to cook at home. At that time, a restaurant card came in handy. Plus, you will be getting gift cards for your kids and everything you need. So, why waste money? Store gift cards.


  • Can buy anything online
  • Save time.
  • The need to go to the market decreases.
  • Make purchasing easy.


  • You buy from home, order from home. Everything is going simple. So, what’s the disadvantage there?



6: Hospital Care Package

You will need a hospital care kit when it comes time for your baby to be delivered. Or, if you want to honor a mother with a baby shower gift, I think the hospital care kit is one of the most important elements. If any mother gets such a care kit gift, then she will definitely appreciate it.

You can put many necessary products in the gift pack that will be of great benefit to both the child and the mother. You can add shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, cotton buds, makeup removers, protein ball, BB cream, chocolates and so many essential products.

If you don’t have any idea about these products, then I will recommend to buy a pack from the shop or online market.



7: Thermometer

A thermometer is so great to get as a baby shower gift. If your baby is unsettled or they feel hot, you just take their temperature. And you know easily, whether they have a fever or not. When you take your kid to the doctor, they will say how long they had a fever for. You know because you have taken their temperature every hour.

A thermometer is such a great thing. A digital thermometer is a little bit expensive. But its benefits are incomparable for both mother and child.


  • Easy to read.
  • Require little maintenance.
  • Give an accurate reading.


  • There may be battery issues.
  • If it falls into the water, it will be ruined. So, be careful in time of cleaning.
  • Problems with digital accuracy may occur.



Final Verdict

There are many things that can be included in a baby shower gift as an important idea. It is very difficult to find the most important ones. Then we tried our best to make seven lists which are necessary.

Baby shower gift ideas should not add anything that will not benefit the baby and the mother. The lists we have given above are important for every mother and newborn baby. But when buying things, you have to be very careful and choose a good brand.

Be good to yourself, keep the child healthy and enjoy the satisfaction of being a mother.

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