Baby Clothes Sizes: A Guide to Finding the Right Fit

Every single baby indeed has different physical attributes that make them unique in its own way. Sometimes, it can be hard for the parents to identify the correct clothing size for their babies. With Little Flower Hut’s baby hamper collection, we want the best for your child and make sure they’re always feeling comfortable and adorable at the same time. That’s why we choose to be fully fresh, organic, and latest with the market designs. We’ll also be happy to help you out finding the ideal size for your baby that fits them now and then.

Below are some instructions and special tips that will help you with identifying the correct fit. You should use inch tape for all the measurements given below, except for the weight.


Preparing for the measurements

  • Make some space on a soft yet firm surface, so that it becomes easier for the baby to lay down without any discomfort. For example, a blanket might be a good choice.
  • If possible, get someone to help you out. The measuring process will get much better only if you’ll have an extra pair of hands holding the tape on the other point for you. If the baby isn’t enjoying or troubling you while measuring, try distracting him.
  • To acquire the best measurements on the hips, weight, and height, make sure you remove any extra clothes which include diapers as well.


Method of taking various measurements on the baby’s body


The best way to measure the baby’s chest is by putting the baby on its back. Then, all you have to do is wrap the tape around the widest part of the chest, which is under his arms, and measure.


To get an accurate look at the measurements of the hips, make sure the feet of the baby is touching the floor, ankles are straight, and toes point in an upward direction. Measure where hips are the widest.


Finding the correct height for the baby can be trouble. To make it easier, make sure they are in the same position as they were while measuring their hips. Use the tape and start measuring from head to toe. Ensure that their chin is in a natural position and their spine is straight as well.


While the baby is lying down in the same position as before, finding an inseam is pretty easy this way. You should measure one leg. Take the tape and measure from the inner leg to the lowest part of the feet.

Arm length

This part is easy. Straighten out the arm of the baby and measure from the wrist to the topmost part of the shoulder.


Placing the baby on the scale when it’s cold can annoy the baby. To help you with that, measure yourself on the scale and then with the baby in your hands. Now, the difference between these two weights is the weight of the baby.

After you’re done taking the measurements of all the body parts, it’ll be best if compare them with the size chart on our website as well.