What is a Diaper Cake and How You Can Personalized this Baby Shower Gift?

A diaper cake is basically not an edible cake it is actually a cake-shaped structure which is made with the help of diapers and then it is all covered in decorations like stuffed toys and flowers. The diaper cake is usually made up of two or three tiers of rolled diapers which are wrapped in ribbon to look like icing on a cake.

The best thing about these diaper cakes is that you can easily customize them in order to match it with the theme of the baby shower. Although most common designs of diaper cakes are like a straight forward cake but many people make designs of cars, motorcycles and animals like unicorn or elephants which are some of the most popular choices.

Why to gift diaper cakes?

Now you must be wondering why to make a diaper cake, right? Making a diaper cake is always a thoughtful idea whether you are attending or hosting a baby shower. Diaper cakes not only make an amazing and attractive central piece but they are practical gifts too.

As new parents have to deal with a lot of things on the occasion of their first child birth so by giving them this thoughtful gift you are actually doing a favor to them. It is also common to put other diaper supplies in the cake like wipes and creams.

How many diapers should be in a diaper cake?

It is also a very common question that how many diapers should be included in a diaper cake which basically depends on your personal choice. Depending on the size of the diaper cake you probably need 30-60 diapers.

While diaper cakes are easily available in the market but you can also order them online. These online websites have a variety of option from which you can choose and the best thing they have color varieties available according to the baby gender.

Customize your diaper cake

You can also personalize the diaper cake by asking them to include things of your own choice. You can add things like baby oil and lotions, teddy bears, wipes, baby suits etc. choose these things wisely and make sure that the parents really need them.

The best way to do this is to ask the parents what they actually need to be included in the baby shower hamper. Mostly it has been observed that new parents really do not have any idea about what to get for their new born so they buy everything they get their hands on later on they realize that they shouldn’t buy those things.

This is not the case with parents who are having their second or third child because they really know what they actually need.

So even if it sounds a really awkward to ask the parents what they actually need for their new born as a gift but by doing so you are making their job easier. This way not only repetition of gifts will be avoided but they will get the things which they actually need.

This hamper can also include some gifts for the mother as well because the mother also needs attention and care and by including stuff for the mother you are sending the message that you really care and love the mother as well.

Your gift should match the baby shower party theme!

While making the baby hamper gift you should keep in mind that your gift should match the theme of the baby shower party. Often times the parents find out the gender of their new born and personalize the theme accordingly.

So while making the gift you should ask the parents if they are having a baby girl or boy and then customize the color and stuff accordingly.

For example in case of girl buy things which are pink in color and are girly while in case of boy the color theme should be blue.

Or if the parents don’t want to disclose baby’s gender then buy things which are gender neutral and best for both male and female. If you are putting onesies inside the diaper cake then consider printing the baby’s name on them, again ask the parents first if they have any final name in their mind.

Make your diaper cake special

The design of the gift can also be customized. Once you are done with the diaper cake then put all the necessary stuff inside it and design it in the form of teddy bear, unicorn, cars etc. This way the host of the party will know that you have put a lot of thought and effort in each and everything and it will make the gift even more special.

In some baby shower parties parents have a registry of all the stuff they want for their baby in order to make it easy for the guest to decide a gift and also to prevent repetition of the same gift. So you can also go through the registry before deciding any gift.

Take-home note

A baby shower is basically pre celebration of the baby and also it is the time to make the mother feel special and loved so along with the baby try to give some gifts for the mother as well. There are so many baby gift hampers out there which also have things for the mother as well.

You can gift her dry fruits or chocolates all these are small gestures but by doing so you will win her heart by making her feel special.

So next time you are out for shopping for the baby shower of your bestie try to customize the hamper by doing all the mentioned things and don’t forget to buy stuff for the mother as well.