Why you should consider Diaper Cake for Baby Shower?

A diaper cake is basically something in which diapers are arranged in the form of a cake and then it is decorated with ribbons and other cute little stuff in order to make it aesthetically pleasing.

This cake not only contains diapers but also other essentials like baby lotions, shampoo, onesies and also some stuff for the mother as well.

Although you can gift anything to the new parents, to be honest, but gifting diaper cake to the parents can be really helpful and it has many benefits as well and some of them are mentioned below:

  • The overall presentation of the diaper cake is quite pleasant and cute and it will definitely steal the show for you.
  • It has all the essentials that the mommy needs for her baby including of course diapers to lotions, shampoo, onesies and some stuff for the mother as well.
  • This is a very practical baby gift for the mommy and the baby because babies cannot have enough diapers.
  • There are many colors and also theme from which you can choose.
  • This is affordable yet will look costly
  • Diaper cake will send out the message that how much effort you put behind the gift selection and the parents will definitely love it.

The good thing about the diaper cake is you can easily customize it according to the gender of the baby like the colors and all the stuff inside it.

There are many diaper cake designs that include baby stuff like washcloths and receiving blankets that you will need the most once the little angel arrives.

Now you must be thinking what are the different designs that you can consider giving to your bestie on her baby shower party? So don’t worry below are some of the mind blowing designs that you can consider!!


Diaper cake that is basic

As you know simple is better so sometimes simple one is good enough. In the simple diaper cake you can make a very basic cake with at least 3 tiers.

You can just take at least 50 diapers try to go for size 4 and then secure them with the help of a colorful ribbon. And repeat the same for the other 2 tiers.

The good thing about this basic cake is it will look decent and also it will cost you less money and also time.


Train shaped diaper cake

This one is a great idea while making diaper cake because here you can actually customize the total number of diapers that you are using to build the cake.

For a smaller gift you can just make the engine of the train or you can also consider including train cars in order to add more diapers and other baby essentials.


Sushi shaped diaper cake

This is a perfect idea if the new parents have asked you for cloth diapers. The good thing about cloth diapers is they are available in many different colors so their funky colors can be used to make sushi while the white coatings can give the look of rice.

In order to fill the fabric sushi rolls you can use stocks as well as washcloths.


Diaper cakes in the form of giraffe

In order to make the long neck of the giraffe you can use rolled-up diapers. The good thing about this giraffe type diaper is that it requires only 20 diapers which is why it is also quite budget friendly.


The beehive diaper cake

As it is quite understood that the little bundle of joy will surely be as tasty as honey so in that sense this beehive diaper cake will be an ideal and also fun choice.

As a surprise apart from the diapers you can also put other stuff inside it like stuffed toys, lotions, shampoo, moisturizing cream and some chocolates for the mother as well.


Aircraft shaped diaper cake

To make a cake tier diapers can be rolled and a round shape can be made out of them but these diapers can also be turned into wheels.

In this type of airplane diaper cake the wheels of the plane include all the necessary stuff for the baby including bottles as well as baby spoons.


Fortress shaped diaper cake

If the theme of the baby shower is royal theme then this fortress shaped diaper cake is an ideal choice. This castle that you will be making can be elaborate as well as simple which completely depends on the number of the diapers that you like to use.


Car shaped diaper cake

The wheels of the diaper can be used to make the car. There are many options that are available online which will help you to customize the model for you.

You can use colorful ribbons and other cute baby stuff in order to make it cute and fun.


Mickey Mouse diaper cake

If the baby shower is based on Disney theme then you must consider a diaper cake that is in the shape of this very well-known Mickey Mouse logo.

The size of this cake is easily adjustable and that depends on the total number of diapers that you need to include while making this iconic shaped diaper cake.


Olaf shaped diaper cake

If you want to have another unique Disney option then you can also go for this Olaf shaped diaper cake.

The benefit is it contains all simple things and also less number of diapers is required to make it that is why it is also a budget friendly option.

There are many benefits of a diaper cake they are fun to make and also very cute looking that is why these are trending baby shower gifts.

So if you are invited into a baby shower party; then do consider these options and steal the show with your creativity.