How Do You Announce Your Baby’s Gender?

Welcoming a new baby is a life-changing chapter for every couple. But revealing the gender of the new baby, whether it is a boy or a girl, is another story. It is surprisingly fun to find out what the gender is, and it is also an exciting part to announce it to the world. If you are expecting a new baby, how do you plan to announce the gender? Here are some unique gender announcement ideas:

  • Say It with Balloons

You can announce your baby’s gender with balloons. For this announcement, you can use a large box and fill it with pink balloons if the gender of the baby is girl or blue balloons if the baby is a boy.  Moreover, there are several ways to make use of balloons to announce the gender of your baby aside from the pink and blue ones. You can choose the letter balloons to say it, or allow your guests to find it by popping the balloons.

Another way to make use of balloons for the gender reveal is through a pop-the-balloon game. Your guests will have their chance to pop the balloons. Only three of the balloons contain confetti in pink or blue color. Your guests will have fun guessing the three balloons from a dozen of balloons attached to a board.


  • Say It with Cake Pops

Cake pops are also used to announce the gender of the new baby. Cake pops are crumbled cakes formed into a ball shape and inserted with lollipop stick. The best way to reveal it is by using colored cake, pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Coating it with white frosting or melted chocolate is an ideal option to cover the color of the cake pops.


  • Say It with Powder Smoke

Powder smoke is another way to announce your baby’s gender. You can use a powder cannon or a powder burnout with colored smoke. Pink powder smoke means that you are having a new baby girl and blue smoke says that it is a baby boy.


  • Say It with Confetti

Confetti poppers filled with either blue or pink confetti are a fun way to let your friends know the gender of your baby. You can get one or two confetti cannons for your partner or a dozen cannons if you want your friends to pop it for you.


  • Say It with a Cake

A cake for dessert or party food, you can have your baker make one in blue or pink and hide it with white or chocolate frosting. When it is time to slice the cake, let everyone knows that you are expecting a boy or a girl baby.


  • Say It with Paint Guns

Whether you prefer your guests to fire the paint guns to you and to your partner, or you prefer everyone to fire each other as if you are playing, announcing the gender of the baby this way is so much fun. However, you need to inform them ahead of time about it so that they can wear white shirts at the gender-reveal party and bring extra clothes to change after.


  • Say It with a Banner

You can say the gender of your new baby by using a banner. There are banners at the shop that will surely suit your style and taste, but you can choose to create your own personalized gender announcement banner.


  • Say It with Cookies

Using cookies not only for desserts or sweet treats, but also as a way to announce your new baby gender is a fun idea. If you love baking goodies, this one will be an easy task for you. You can bake your own version of butter cookies and fill it with pink or blue filling inside. As your guests enjoy the sweet snacks, they will also know if you are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy.


  • Say It with a Piñata

A white, gold, black, or colorful Piñata can be used as props for your baby gender announcement. You can fill it with colored confetti depending on the gender of your new baby. When it is time to announce the gender, you will only pull a string and the Piñata will burst out and confetti will pour down.


  • Say It with Your Socks

The color of your socks will reveal the gender of your baby. Before the party ends, or when it is time to announce the gender, surprise your guests by lifting up the bottom part of your pants and reveal the color of your socks. If you are wearing pink socks, that means your new baby is a baby girl, and a baby boy if you are wearing a pair of blue socks. You can make it funny by selecting cute and naughty style of socks.

Having a new baby is a perfect reason to gather around and celebrate with important people in your life. Revealing the gender of the little one is another surprise. Whether you choose to hold a grand party to announce the gender of the baby, or you plan to make it simple and more intimate, your family and friends are as excited to hear your announcement and find out if you are welcoming a baby girl or a baby boy in the next couple of months. These fun ideas are sure to make your party filled with fun moments and surprises.

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