How to Choose Safe Toys for Babies and Toddlers?

Isn’t toys fun to play with? It looks like an obvious statement, but it isn’t true. Sadly, the toys are coming up as dangerous, which is leading to more trouble than fun.  Choosing a baby gift toy that is safe and considered age-appropriate for your child is important. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a toy for one of your children or not. This guide will help you out with some helpful tips for choosing one.


How to determine if a toy is dangerous?

Given below is the list of some aspects of toys that will help you understand their danger levels for kids:

  • Sharp edges or parts in a toy can cause injury.
  • Little parts of the toys can break and choke the baby upon swallowing.
  • Noise-making toys can damage hearing.
  • Removable batteries of toys cause the risk of toxic substance exposure.
  • Toys which contain parts made out of lead can be very toxic to the kid. Plastic toys can cause toxic chemical leaching and hormonal disruption or other illness in kids.


Useful guidelines for determining kid-friendly toys

Here’s an interesting checklist to follow for selecting the right toys for babies!

  1. Choosing age-restricted toys according to your child’s age and skill is important- Take care to use intelligent caution while checking the age range. You might want to buy a toy with smaller parts for an elder child. However, the same toy would present an increased risk of choking for the smaller child. (Read the following article for selecting the right toys for different age groups of children.)
  2. Choose toys that are made up of safe and natural materials- Picking out toys that are made up of non-toxic materials like wool, non-plastered wood, or cotton is preferred. Such organically grown materials are free of pesticide remnants. Toys prepared with organic material are considered more natural and provide a healthy experience for the baby. Apart from being safe, they’re also quite durable than any cheap toy, which is manufactured with material harmful for your kids. (You can visit our page for more ideas on selecting natural toys for kids.)
  3. Choose the washable fabric toys- If you’re buying a toy of fabric, make sure to check if it’s safe to wash. There are many varieties in the world of toys, especially soft fabric toys. It’s important to choose a toy that can be safely washed without facing any issues like, color fade, shrinking, and getting soggy. at the same time, you must check if the chosen toy can be washed in a washing machine.
  4. Practice caution around electronic toys- There are many things in the body of electronic toys that can subsequently harm the body of the child. These harmful products are batteries, tiny parts, plastic, and toxic material. Toddlers need simple toys, which are not controlled by any remote but instead inspired by our touch and beautification. The right toys for kids must instill curiosity in the baby but in a safe manner.


Few options among the right toys for toddlers and babies

Every parent wants to choose the perfect toy for their child’s growth. Here are some of the best recommendations that will help the growth and learning power of your baby:

  • You can always buy mobile or portable toys that keep on hanging by the crib.
  • Wooden rattlers provide comfort and entertainment for the baby on the go.
  • Buying an unbreakable mirror also made out of natural materials can add more fun to the baby’s play regime.
  • Toys filled with cotton prevent small children from being choked. Also, it’s important to check out whether the product is in good condition or not.
  • Little play gyms prove very helpful for the kids to be active and also grow while playing.

There are some of the toys or games for the babies that are in the age group of 1-2 year:

  1. Common instruments, like drums, harmonica, etc. can help the babies to know about the world of sound. They will get a better start with music and simultaneously grow to be interested in it.
  2. Trying games like Push-or-Pull is good for encouraging physical movement as well.
  3. Puzzles and building games prove much good to the developmental skills of babies from the start itself.
  4. You can try out the toy boats for making shower or pool time more interesting for the babies.
  5. The wooden shape sorting and building block games are the most appropriate games for grown-up babies.

Toys are an amazing source of learning mind-blowing things. They also help you be creative, exploring, curious, and smart. Choosing a toy is merely a combination of age-appropriateness and skill level.

When you find yourself stuck somewhere, go basic. Avoid any harmful or toxic material used in the toy as much as possible. As Little Flower Hut says, “Fortunately, playtime need not be a risky business”