Things You Need to Know about Modern Baby Showers

For the soon-to-be mommy and her new baby, a baby shower is a perfect time to have fun with friends and family. If you are planning to host a baby shower party for a friend or family member, there are several things worth knowing to ensure that the party is fun, memorable, and inspiring. The main reason why baby showers are organized is to shower the new parents with love, care, and essential items they need in caring for the new baby. Here are some more things that you need to know about modern baby showers:


·       Who throws the party?

If you are the expectant mother, it is definitely not you? The etiquette is to have a family or friend take the initiative and do it for you. If no one will step up, that’s the time for you to ask one of them to organize the party. Moreover, in some instances, baby shower planning can be done through the collaboration of family and closest friends. In addition, it is fine if the expectant mom chooses to be involved in planning, especially in the modern era wherein moms are very hands-on.


·       When to have a party?

Although there is no rule on the exact date of throwing a baby shower party, most people would agree that it is best to celebrate anytime during the last trimester or between 24 weeks and 32 weeks of pregnancy. For a modern baby shower party, setting a date and time to hold the party still depends on the preference of the new mom and dad. In addition, there are several factors that affect the date of the party, such as the holiday season, day and time of the week, and the risk of pregnancy.


·       Who are invited to the party?

A modern baby shower party is no longer limited to female guests. You can expect male friends to attend and more involved in the celebration. Aside from the family and friends of the mom-to-be, anyone who is close to the dad-to-be can also be invited or even host the baby showers. Of course, you can expect each one of them to bring a modern baby hamper or other types of baby shower gifts. Friends and family who are invited to the party may feel honored to have a part in the celebration by showering the new mom and dad, as well as the new baby, with valuable gifts.


·       Where to hold the party?

Most modern baby showers nowadays are held at various party venues and party halls or rooms. There are also private resorts and private homes that offer space and areas for party purposes. Most of the hosts avoid holding the party at the expectant mom’s residence or place so that she will not need to bother to welcome each guest or check whether they need a drink or more food. As the host takes full control of the party, the pregnant mom only gets to enjoy the day and celebrate the cheerful day.


·       What theme to use for the party?

Another important thing to give careful thought is the theme of the baby shower party. The theme of the party could be the mother’s favorite cartoon characters, hobby, gender of the baby, or trending movie and video. Traditional themes are often the first choice, but other than that, the mother’s interests and the season or time of the year you plan to have the baby showers are among the factors in choosing the theme.

Moreover, baby showers for multiple babies or for twins, triplets, or quadruplets may have a theme that emphasizes the fact that the expectant parents are expecting multiple babies. On the other hand, if the baby shower is meant for gender-reveal, you can have a theme that seems a bit confusing to emphasize the revelation. Encourage each guest to guess and bet for an added fun.


·       What about the gift registry?

Creating a baby registry for baby showers is a fun way to inform guests of the items that the parents will need before their little one arrives. In fact, most guests appreciate the gift registry list because it serves as guidance on what baby items to pick for baby shower gifts. Meanwhile, guests don’t need to go out to find the gift registry because an online registry is available.


·       When to send the invitations?

Guests expect invitations at least 4 to 6 weeks before the baby shower party. It will give them enough time to shop for gifts for baby showers, arrange schedule to attend the party, and arrange travel if necessary. An email invitation is ideal for most modern baby showers but if the party is more formal, you will need to send out paper invites to each guest with an RSVP response.


·       What décor and menu to serve?

For the modern baby showers, the decorations and the menus to serve are important things to consider. It is best to use cost-efficient and non-perishable decorations that will make the venue more impressive and fun. For the menu, if the pregnant mom is still craving comfort foods, it is best to incorporate them in the list, in addition to the foods to mesh with the guests’ tastes.  According to the experts, when serving foods at modern baby shower parties, it is advisable to consider serving in miniature portions. That way they will be able to manage the food while taking part in the event’s activities and games.