Understanding Baby Sleep Habit and Baby Sleep Patterns by Age

Things about babies’ sleep habits as per their age that you should know

Are you troubled whether your baby is sleeping less or more than they probably should? In simple words, how many hours of sleep do babies actually need? It’s true that every child is unique in their own way. However, there are few standards about the sleeping patterns of babies according to age. We are going to present them to you in the article given below.


Age range: 0-3 months

In the starting few months, it’s needed for the baby to sleep for a total of 14-17 hours in a day. It is more likely that they will fall asleep every 2-4 hours and get up feeling hungry. However, in the starting few months, your baby doesn’t know what to do to be at soothing comfort. They might look for your presence to seek that comfort. While we’re at it, the baby gift blankets from Little Flower Hut are made from organic cotton and are soft like a feather. Just the right one to snuggle with!


Age range: 4-11 months

By the time your baby gets to the age of 4 months, the need to sleep for 14-17 hours will be slightly reduced to sleeping for about 12-15 hours. Although, it’s common for babies to experience some sort of reduction in their sleep patterns every 4 to 8 months. This means, there will be times when they’ll wake up feeling distracted and in smaller intervals than you’d want. Laura Olson who’s a Child Sleep expert, always tells parents that, “sleep begets sleep” which means that the more the child sleeps in the daytime, the more comfortable they will sleep at night. She also advises them to focus more on the side of child sleep, when they are going through a change of sleeping patterns. However, there’s also good news that no matter how slowly but they will learn to sleep timely and go back to sleep if they wake up automatically. Is your child teething? Check out our wooden teethers which are soothing and widely available in different styles and shapes.


Age range: 1-2 years

The amount of sleep needed by the babies of this group is reduced to 11-14 hours. This also means that active toddlers can find it troublesome to relax, especially when it’s the time to sleep. At the time of the day, you should try keeping things as calm as possible. Bathing, little to no screen time, and story time are some of the best ways to do it. It’s also true that you might face some more changes of patterns during this point of age.

If you’re troubled about the sleeping habits of your baby, then it is recommended to have a word with a pediatrician. They can help you out with the issues that your baby is facing and recommend the right treatment for them.

For further knowledge about this, you can check out the article by the National Sleep Foundation on “How Much Sleep do Babies and Kids Need?”