8 Chinese New Year Gift Hamper Ideas to make you go “Huat Huat Huat”

It has been a long tradition, especially with the Chinese, to celebrate the new year and wish for prosperity and good luck. Of course, they also believe that what you give out to the world, it comes back to you ten times more. This is why when Chinese New Year comes around, they celebrate by giving and sharing their blessings as they welcome the new year with hope for a better year ahead.

Hampers are usually great gift ideas when it comes to Chinese New Year as it is a combination of a lot of gifts in one container, a hamper. Each item would represent something, as the Chinese believe and the combination of all would help in achieving prosperity. Each item you place in the hamper would represent what you want to give out. This kind of gift-giving has always been followed by culture and tradition and would be greatly appreciated, even with just the effort of making one and having it delivered. Which, in modern times, has become easier because of the effective way florists online have delivery services for hampers and other gifts.

Here are 8 Chinese New Year Gift Hamper Ideas that can make anyone go “Huat Huat Huat!”:

  1. Traditional one – This type of Chinese New Year Hamper you can order from any florist online. These are usually made of the traditional gifts the Chinese give to someone they know. This is sometimes good for your in-laws are they are most likely the traditional type. A box of egg rolls is a good thing to add to this hamper along with some red dates, crackers and a nonya Kueh. You could throw in a simple flower arrangement or a fruit basket with it to add some color.


  1. Healthy one – For people you know who are health conscious, because of their age or they just really want to be healthy, it is best to make sure their hamper delivery is filled with healthy options. You could put some tea in it, a fruit basket or even some mushrooms. This would definitely make them happy as they can eat and use everything there is in the hamper and it would help them on their journey to better health.



  1. Fruity one – a hamper that is filled with all fruits in all kinds of forms like dried and or made into fresh juice, or a bottle of wine is the perfect hamper gift for people who enjoy fruity tastes and colorful sweet smells. This is perfect for anyone as fruits, especially round ones, are believed to bring good luck.


  1. Sweet one – This is for the one who loves desserts. These are for those who have guilty pleasures and enjoy a sweet tooth. Chocolate gold coins would win anyone of all ages, add some pineapple tarts in them and some sticky rice cake, which is perfect for any occasion, to be honest.



  1. Business – If you are looking for a hamper idea for your boss and officemates, you should make a combination of a traditional one and add a bit of everything else. A bottle of wine never hurt anybody, and it has always been known as a formal yet simple drink.


  1. Family – Planning to give a hamper to you family members can be quite tricky, as most of them would have different preferences and different food choices but there is a lot of florist in Singapore who offer hamper delivery wherein you could customize what you place in it. So make sure to take the time to make it good for each family member. Add a bit for the sweet tooth, the health conscious and the traditional ones.



  1. Simple one – This is the easiest as it comes with the traditional items like chocolate gold coins, a box or boxes of the traditional sticky rice and some dried fruit could make up a simple hamper. This is good for anyone and is also perfect for those who are in a budget. You could add a hand bouquet to make it more vibrant and sweeter.


  1. For Acquaintances and friends – Buying or ordering a hamper for your friends and acquaintances is probably the easiest as they are most likely the easiest to please. Just the mere knowledge that you thought of them and took it out of your way to have a hamper of items delivered to them would be gift enough. Make sure to add the all-time favorites like the pineapple tarts, sticky rice and a bottle of wine.

You can always customize your hamper deliveries with the right choices of items whenever you plan to give one to someone you know or love. The Chinese strongly believe that this is a traditional and respected gesture of gift-giving during Chinese New Year as it symbolizes wishing for prosperity and gratefulness. Some items like the wine symbolize respect and gratitude.

If you add a bit of orange, which means “gold” in Cantonese, it would surely make any receiver happy with the simple yet special gift. The Chinese are very strict about their beliefs and traditions so make sure not to place any item in the hamper that could easily mean bad luck. Have fun with creating or customizing your hampers for different people, and make sure to check up the meaning of most items.



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