Christmas Tree Care & Tips for Choosing a Tree

It is that time of the year again that we will get busy. We become busy shopping for gifts, preparing delightful recipes, visiting relatives, and decorating our homes for Christmas. We do these things as part of our long-standing tradition that has started many centuries ago. For all of us, Christmas is a time spent with family and friends having good laughs over delightful dinners. Celebrating Christmas has been just the best way to end the year and create good memories again. The happiness and joy the season brings are overflowing. Just seeing the smiles and excitement in their faces already overwhelms us.

Being the most celebrated season every year, we make sure that everything falls right according to plan. Making sure to have the best recipe that they will enjoy, and making sure that they get the best gifts they have been dreaming about. Just imagine how our kids will enjoy every gift they will receive from Santa during Christmas. One more is to make sure that we get to feel the season and to do that is to decorate our homes. We know Christmas will not be complete without a tree. Your wrapped gifts will really look nice if place under a Christmas tree.

Many people argue whether to get a real tree or just the plastic ones. But getting a real one is better than the other. The feeling we get is way better compared to the other. However, we must know what tree to pick and how to keep it nice until the season ends.

Select Right Christmas Tree

It is too frustrating to get the wrong tree for Christmas. You know why? It may harm our kids or could ruin the whole look of our Christmas decorations. Nobody wants that hatred and frustration during the season. That is why selecting the right one will make our lives easy and happy.

  • Measure The Space Of Your Homes

Do not just buy the biggest tree in the market or get the smallest tree to make sure it fits into your homes. Select the right size which will fit into your homes. To get the job done right, plan it ahead. Measure the ideal height that will look good together with your other decorations, and measure how wide will the tree be also. In addition, know the height of the tree stand beforehand if you will place your gifts beneath it. In that way, your huge wrapped gifts will perfectly fit once placed under the tree. This is to avoid any unnecessary cuttings when what was bought is too tall for your ceilings.

  • Know What Type Of Tree To Get

There are different types of Christmas tree and each of it varies. Match the type of tree with the kind of household your family has. If there are kids at home, then get the pine or firs. Pines and firs have soft needles. Putting ornaments on it is a kid’s joy also. Let them prepare Christmas with you. However, if you want a different type of tree, then there are spruce trees also. But this tree has sharp needles that would really hurt when someone accidentally steps on it. You can also choose to have a cedar or cypress tree on Christmas in case you want something different.

  • Choose The Fresh Ones

It is important to determine if the trees sold in the market are still fresh. This should be a concern for those living in places where the trees sold are from other places. Lucky are those who live in places where these trees are available nearby or can cut it right from the bush. Call the nearest floral shop if they can give you a pre-cut tree or can bring you to a place where you have the liberty to choose which tree to cut.

One could determine the freshness of these trees through its needles. Fresh fir needles would snap when bent, while fresh pines needles when done the same would not break. Take a look of its trunks also and see if it has a slight stickiness to it. By doing these things will help you know if the trees are still fresh and make it last until the season ends.

  • Needles Should Not Easily Fall Off

Having a Christmas tree at home is not just for a day. This may be displayed at home for days or weeks. To know if the tree will last, grab and pull a branch gently and check if the needles will stay in tack with the tree. If too many fall off, then look for something else because it means that those trees are no longer fresh.

  • Check The Color

Take note that the notion of when the greener the tree, then the better, will not apply in buying a Christmas tree. When these trees become dry, they turn deep green, unlike other trees that turn brown when it dries out.

Christmas Tree Care Tips

Once you have the tree at home, then take good care of the tree. If left on its own, the tree will not last long. To prevent the tree from drying out, cut a portion of its trunk so for the water be absorbed and make its needles stay in the tree branches. Make sure to place the tree in the water so it will survive and will not dry out. Check the water regularly and keep it filled for the entire period you will use the tree. To add one more, avoid placing the tree in areas at home where the temperature gets high. This is because the wrong amount of heat which is exposed on the tree will cause it to dry out faster. It may look very nice next to your fireplace, but remember that the heat coming from the fireplace may dry out the tree fast.

Decorating your homes for the season is a must. Plan it ahead and know all the necessary things you should do beforehand. Your next Christmas will happen a year later, make sure to get everything you want for this Christmas. Make every Christmas season a memorable and happy one.