How To Make Your Fresh Christmas Tree Last Longer Over The Festive Season?

Shopping for a real Christmas tree has been a family tradition passed through many generations. It helps to bring family members together and sets the mood for festivity. It’s the whole process of selecting the best tree, bringing it home, and putting on the directions that make many continue on with the tradition.

To enjoy the scent and stature of a real Christmas tree indoors starts by choosing the right variety, following a well-carried out plan for transporting the tree, and making sure that indoor elements are conducive to the tree’s longevity. It also pays to learn what to avoid when caring for a fresh-cut tree such as exposing it to the cold rushing wind on the way home and decorating before nourishing the tree.

The Best Varieties

The kind of tree you buy determines the lifespan of a real tree in your home. For instance, cedar trees can lose moisture quickly and lasts indoors for around 1-2 weeks. Some species retain moisture longer and can last 4-6 weeks in fitting conditions.

Fir trees generally last the longest throughout the festive season in comparison to other varieties. In particular, Fraser, Noble, and Douglas fir trees are excellent choices. Coming in second and third place are pine trees and spruce trees, respectively. Not too many spruce trees are sold because of inferior quality although it is the cheapest among top varieties of fresh-cut Christmas trees.

Size and Location Matter

When shopping for a real Christmas tree suitable for your home, make sure to take the necessary measurements. Measure the width and height you can accommodate before going out to buy one. Also, measure the entrance where the tree will go through.

Commercial trees are sold ranging 4 to 20 ft tall. Depending on the allowable measurements in your home as well as in the vehicle you will use to transport the car, a 6 to 8 ft tall Christmas tree should be an adequate size.

Plan for a temporary home for the Christmas tree in your home. A Christmas tree by the fireplace may look picture-perfect but it’s a fire hazard and can quickly dry out your tree. Neither is a window front a good place to put a real tree. A cool environment away from direct heat radiation is a must if you want to enjoy a real Christmas tree at home throughout the holiday season. However, don’t place your tree under the AC.

The Perfect Time to Buy a Tree

One common question people debate over is “when should I buy a real Christmas tree?” Some would suggest buying a tree as early as right after Thanksgiving or the last week of November. Others think that buying a tree in mid-December will ensure your tree stays fresh. It all comes down to when the tree is cut. The shorter the period between cutting and transporting the tree indoors, the longer your tree will stay fresh.

Once the tree is cut, sap will harden and block the passageway of water to the rest of the plant. The best recourse is to cut and transport the tree on the same day. 6 to 8 hours is a crucial time after cutting the tree. In this span of time, you should be able to have the tree submerged in water to ensure it continues to get nutrients. 12 hours is considered the maximum waiting time.

Cut the Tree Again

If you need to buy a pre-cut tree, odds are it was harvested a couple of days to a few weeks already. Ask ahead of time when your local tree source will harvest their trees so you can plan your purchase around that time.

As a rule of thumb, your fresh-cut tree will need a quart of water per 2.54cm diameter of the trunk. During the first week, your tree should drink an average of 1 to 2 liters per day. If you find that the tree is not consuming water within the first day or two, you may need to use a saw to cut one inch at the bottom of the trunk to open up any blockages then immediately allow the tree to drink water.

Purchase the Right Size Stand

A standard tree stand should be able to accommodate a 6 to 7 ft tall tree with a trunk diameter of 4 to 6 inches. The tree stand should be able to hold 1 to 1.5 gallons of water without overflowing when the tree is placed in it. Keep in mind that fresh-cut trees drink more water in the first week. After that, you need to maintain the water levels marked on the tree stand, so you may need to replenish its water daily. More important, ensure the tree is standing upright and stable on the tree stand.

Nothing but Tap

Like most plants, a real Christmas tree needs adequate sunlight and water to thrive. Use only regular tap water to nourish the tree. You don’t need to add a commercial mix to keep the tree fresh. Avoid adding other additives like 7up, aspirin, or sugar to keep the tree fresh.

Decorating the Tree

Tinsel, lights, and other ornaments may look attractive on a real Christmas tree, but can also pose hazards to the environment. Bulbs that heat up can cause a fire. Chemicals from ornaments and tinsels can be hazardous to wildlife once you dispose of the tree in the forest.

A flower arrangement can add beauty to your real tree for Christmas. A local flower shop Singapore service can help you pick out the best flowers to beautify your tree. Book express flower delivery from a reliable florist in Singapore, if possible with same day flower delivery as the day you bring home a real Christmas tree. Consider buying a real tree online as well to ensure high-quality variety as well as the best conditions for transporting the tree to your home.