The global pandemic of 2020 has created humongous havoc in everyone’s lives. Every business has observed a decline in revenue and profits during the running financial year. The worst affected industry is the gift industry. People celebrating quarantine birthdays and anniversaries with limited guests have to lead to a steep fall in the supplies of flowers, chocolate gifts, stuff toys, and other gift items. The flower growers and other manufactures are unable to survive during this period. Moreover, the country’s GDP has fallen extremely low. Since the economy has suffered and, needs a few injections of investments now, Little Flower Hut of Singapore is here with a pragmatic approach to make exchanging of gifts easy this lockdown. Let’s see what things they’ve got.


  • Contactless Order

The company has embraced the online trend. All the products and services are readily available on their website. One has to visit the website and choose the product according to the occasion. Their products have been categorized according to the product, occasion, and services to make shopping easier for you. From choosing the product to make the payment, everything is contactless.


  • Safety of Our Florist

The store opening hours have been minimized and, the shifts of the florists have been altered to 4 hours every day. Moreover, every florist goes through daily temperature checks. Every employee is supposed to wear safety uniforms and equipment while standing in the store. Any employee who has shown symptoms of the disease is required to show the proof or health certificate that indicates corona negative.


  • Minimize Walk-in Customer

Only a limited number of customers are allowed to enter the store. They must wear masks and sanitize their hands before they enter the store. Rest the customers have to wait outside the store and maintain the proper distance from each other. Temperature check is made mandatory and no outside food and, other things are allowed in the store.


  • Regular Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing of the store at regular intervals is a ritual. Excessive touching of the products is not allowed.


  • Our Delivery Team

The stock delivered is kept separate for a few hours and thoroughly sanitized. Drivers are requested to fill forms to declare their visit to any cluster zones or red zones.

Hiring more delivery personnel to coordinate the increased number of deliveries. Every person is offered a limited number of deliveries. Deliveries to clustered zones are strictly evaded. Also, there is no contact delivery policy being followed. The person will not handover it to any customer instead will leave it on the doorstep. In case, one has opted for services like car decoration or hall decoration, one has to inform about it at least two days before the occasion.

Every delivery van is sanitized after making a delivery. The drivers have to give details about their routes or any cluster zone they visited. Also, the delivery personnel is not allowed to take any kind of tips in the form of cash from the customers.



The above rules and precautions will take place until things get back to normal. Or, they might be followed as a trend in the future in order to avoid such a thing again.

The professionals at Little Flower Hut might have tweaked their style of selling, but our main intention is to provide you and your loved ones a happy smiling face. Our product range is still alluring and exclusive. We still provide extra offers on special occasions and events. We have started with an online course to support new florists. We have a team of professional florists who teach various new techniques to decorate with flowers or giving flowers as a gift. From choosing the right to flower to putting it attractively, there is no stone left unturned during the process of learning.

COVID 19 has changed everyone’s life. Many are struggling to find a good living and yet some of our struggling to live. On the contrary, it has also taught is the importance of family, unity, and celebrating small things without using expensive techniques. Little Flower Hut still aims to help you continue this celebration charm with your family. Our professionals do not want you to miss any significant moment of your life in this year. So without any delay, visit their website and choose the service of your own choice now!