5 Fresh Outfit Ideas for Chinese New Year

One of the traditions of the Chinese people is to have new clothes on Chinese New Year. For them, this is the time for new beginnings and a time to change for the better. Part of the Spring Festival and Chinese New Year Celebrations is to wear new and beautiful clothes as youth pay their respects to their elders. On New Year’s Eve, they wear their best new clothes. For the year 2020, here’s a list of the fresh Chinese new year outfit ideas:

Tang Suit

This is one of the hot favorites when comes to Chinese new year outfit ideas. A red Tang Suit is very traditional and the design is from the Tang Dynasty. Modified Tang suit looks fresh and modern with its upturned collar and straight lapels. The Chinese knots or frog buttons are still there. Most modernized Tang suits are tailored based on body size and are printed or embroidered with words and symbols. There are styles available for both genders, even for kids.


This style is originally from the Qing dynasty. The modernized design is fit for formal Chinese holidays and events. This is also fit for educated scholars and it represents a specific status. The long clothing is designed with sideways lapel, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity.


Very different from its original design, the Qipao nowadays are designed with intricate embroideries. It wears as long, straight, and loose. The Qipaos today has a form-fitting design, a high slit on one side or on both sides, a bell sleeve on both sides, and an upturned collar. Some Qipaos are designed without the sleeves and made from different types of fabrics.


Hanfu is an eye-catching Chinese dress. The fresh and modern version of hanfu includes shorter skirts and with elements from the west. Unlike the original hanfu design with long and wide sleeves and long skirts, the modern version is shorter but well-designed.

Evening Dress

You can wear an evening dress in colors symbolic of the Chinese New Year 2020 celebrations. A dress in yellow, gold, brown, or red color makes a wonderful outfit for the celebration. Some shades of green, blue, orange and pink are also suitable for the joyous celebration and festivity.

Choosing the outfit that you will wear on New Year’s Eve will depend mostly on your self-confidence or on the comfort and euphoria of the celebration. Do not forget to wear your jewelry to complement your outfits and to complete your fresh get-up as you start the year in beauty and style. Also, consider getting yourself an auspicious Chinese new year hamper or Chinese New Year Flowers with your nicely dressed self for the season greetings.