Container Gardening with Flower Bulbs

Living in a city apartment, but cannot let go of a gardening hobby? Opting into a container gardening is the answer to that question. This type of gardening is ideal for those who dwell in a city with limited or no space at all for gardening. Your terrace or your rooftop can definitely be your garden. In this way, working and living in a busy city does not mean that one must let go of his or her wonderful gardening hobby.

Having a limited or no space in your apartment for gardening will no longer be a concern. All you need to do is buy a container and search for flower bulbs of your choice. What is nice about container gardening is that you can redecorate your garden anytime you want. You can easily move the plants from one place to another. What is best also is that you can change containers without damaging the plant. Just imagine having one of your dinners on your rooftop with those flowers surrounding you. Or read your favourite book over a cup of tea in your terraces smelling and watching the flower blooms. Or maybe place some flower pots in your dining tables.

Make your place colourful again with container gardening. To do that, take time reading and knowing all the important things you should remember when you start making your garden. Do not waste anything which nature can offer. If you enjoyed your trip to one of the tulip fields in Holland, then bring the same experience right behind your doors. Contact a reliable online florist now or visit a local floral shop to check if they supply the bulbs, you desire.


How Container Gardening Works

Remember that it is you that will take care of these plants and not Mother Nature anymore. Improper container gardening could kill the plants and could ruin one’s day. The soil you will use has to be the right one depending on what type of plant you are growing. Know the necessary matters you have to consider also, when you water these plants and how much sunlight it needs to grow and survive.


  • Having the right soil and a pot for your plants

Pots may vary in sizes, but getting the right size has to be done. Unlike in a backyard garden, potted plants have limited space for its root to grow. It tightens as it grows and it may destroy the plant. Best recommended are pots built with draining holes to avoid long sitting in the water. It drowns the plant when too much water stays in the pot. Choose if getting pots with draining holes is best for the type of plant you are having.

Should you not only choose the right container but also choose the right soil. There are soils intended for container gardening. The plant you will grow has to get the soil it needs to survive. One good thing about this gardening is that the soil stays moist, allowing its roots to expand easily.  To get better results, choose those soils with nutrients that are enough to help grow and hopefully arrive its full bloom.

  • Utilize the limited space

Since you opted to plant in containers, then you should know when to separate or place the plants together in the same pot. Knowing that you have a very limited space to plant depending on the size of the container, it helps when you know also if the plant can survive if plant together in one pot. With this, you could get to utilize all the spots and imagine how beautiful your flowers would be if they bloom together in one pot. It is as if you planted a hand bouquet in a pot if they bloom together.

  • Give them the right amount of water

Do not wait for the rain to water the plants for you. This is no longer the wild that plants grow on its own. A plant needs enough water to grow. Depriving them with this may limit their growth or worse may kill them. The soil dries out eventually, make sure to keep it moist. To check if the soil is still moist, bury half of your finger and feel if it is still moist. Do this regularly. If the rain has filled the pot, make sure not to let it sit in their pots with too much water. It damages the plant and endangers its growth.

  • Spend some cash for fertilizers

Remember that it is no longer Mother Nature that is taking care of your plants. Give them enough nutrients to survive. You can buy fertilizer at your local markets and feed the plants with it. This is crucial during their growing season. They thrive to get all the nutrients it needs and the limited space of a pot cannot give that. As an alternative, feed them through fertilizers. Once properly fed, the blooms will result in just the way you want it to have. Know how much nutrients the plant needs because too much could kill them.

  • Give them a sunlight

Though called indoor plants, a plant still needs sunlight. The sun helps them grow. You can easily move these potted plants, so getting them some sunlight is not a hard thing to do. But only the right amount of sun because too much dries them out. Schedule when to take them to a place it will get some sunlight. Another thing, though it needs the sun, do not place it in heated places. They get dry with too much heat and you do not want the plants to die.

Container gardening is not that hard. After all, your hard work and dedication will be paid off when your plants bloom. The colours that the blooms could bring are overwhelming. It brightens your day. Although getting it to bloom may take some time and effort, but once you see it blooms is just too rewarding.