Decorating Your House with the Hari Raya Festival Theme

As the month of fasting and praying is coming to an end, for Muslims around the world, the happiness and excitement of the Hari Raya festival are increasing. For all Muslims, this festival is for peace and happiness. People gather and celebrate the event and enjoy the company of each other. They eat together and spend quality time with family and friends. For celebrating and hosting the festival, you can decorate the house with amazing things to make it look like a festive.

Here are a few important tips for you that how can you decorate the house with using multiple things like flowers, balloons, and different other things.

1.      Rearrange Settings

Hari Raya is the festival of peace and delight for the Muslims. If you are going to make your house beautiful with different decoration items, then you can start by reorganizing the settings of your house like rearranging the furniture. The changes can make you feel a whole lot better! You can make up the changes in all your rooms but if you want to restrict it to someplace special, then start over with the living room. Normally, in the living rooms, the furniture surrounds the TV, but you can rearrange according to the guests sitting. You can add up chairs and stools if you are hosting many guests.

2.      Decorative Lightning can be a Warm Welcome

Hari Raya is the day of happiness and joy for Muslims around the world. On this day, people meet with each other and enjoy the company of family and friends. On this day, a large feast is hosted, and many dishes are prepared for the guests, including sweet dishes. If you are welcoming some guests this Hari Raya, then you can decorate the house with lights. You can get lighting chains and can hang up for a brighter look to your home. The lights are not expensive, and you can get them even online at affordable prices. Lights come in different shapes for enhancing beauty.

3.      Change the Tableware

For the Hair Raya festival, you can also change the items on your dining tables. You can buy new crockery with colorful ones to add beauty and patterns. If you are not going to change plates and bowls, then you can only get new cutlery for the table. You can also get some new table runners, tablecloths, and elegant placements. For adding décor to the dining table, you can place a vase with fresh flowers in the mid of the table and candles in different places.

4.      Beautiful Islamic Wall Hangings

Our houses have different wall decorations like paintings, framed pictures, and verses from the Holy Quran. If you already have these wall decorations, then you can rearrange them for a change. It can bring beauty to your house. You can think of different ideas for hanging them by following a specific pattern on the wall. If your focus is more on the living room, then you can bring paintings and other decorations from rooms to place in the living area. If you are looking for some new decorations, you can take a tour of the market to get what you need to make your house amazing.

5.      Replace Cushion Covers with fancy ones

Normally the cushions of your sofas and other furniture have simple covers. But in order to make the changes for the Hari Raya festival, you can get some stylish and decorative cushion covers for the cushions. You can get the colors that can bring elegance to the place. Neutral tones can bring a new life to your living area, dining rooms, and bedrooms as well. You can buy cushions with different colors and designs.

6.      Enhance the Living Area with Rugs

Mats and rugs are the way if you want to give the bare floor of the house a finishing touch. They can be the best way to be comfortable and warm while sitting, standing, or walking on the floor. But it’s not it; rugs also enhance the appearance and surroundings of the area.  If you mix up the textures and colors of the rugs, they can get more stunning and can instantly be a decorative item for the Eid coming along. They are perfect for your living areas as well as the bedrooms.

7.      Decorate with flowers

When it comes to decorations, how can one forget fresh plants and flowers? There is nothing like a touch of green and other colors of plants in your house, either indoor or outdoor. They are a sure way to bring coziness and warmth in the area. Also, flowers have a beautiful scent that can be a great thing for keeping the atmosphere pure. You can arrange flowers according to your budget and the places which you want to decorate. You can buy the strings of roses to hang on the doors, some beautiful tulips for the vase on the dining table, pots to place on tables and kitchen shelves. You can also get hanging plants for lounge and large plants for placing in the corners of the rooms.

8.      Refresh the look by fancy curtains

Curtains certainly are an essential part of our homes, and they make the look of the house cozy and comfortable. Your Hari Raya can be made much more beautiful and exciting by decorating the house. So, changing curtains before Eid can also refresh the look. You can buy some fancy curtains with warm and neutral colors for your bedrooms, living areas, and other places.

Last Words

Well, Hari Raya is upon us, and we all are excited about this. For celebrating this beautiful and peaceful occasion, everyone loves to decorate their places, either it’s a big house or a small apartment. There are some great ways that you can choose to decorate your home. With a replacement of a few crockery, cushion covers, and curtains, you can refresh the look. Flowers are also a great way to make a place filled with beauty.