Different Center Table Flower Arrangements for New Year 2021

If you are planning to throw a party for your wedding, engagement or any other special event then the most important thing is the décor. And give the décor the much-needed x-factor and aesthetics table centerpieces are must-haves.

Therefore it is very important to think and plan everything beforehand in order to impress the participants and to make the vent more special and picturesque.

If you are throwing a party on a smaller scale and you don’t have enough space then it shouldn’t mean that you don’t have enough size it means that now is the time you need to be creative and you must think out of the box.

In this blog, I will tell you about some of the most amazing table centerpieces for the year 2021 so brace yourself and read the most informative article about table centerpieces in order to make your event most special.

Sticks and flowers

If you want to give more character to any given space or room then you must consider this option. This is a tall and attractive centerpiece which is a mixture of flowers, greenery and sticks that are placed inside vases.

If you have smaller space with smaller tables then short pieces are placed there because it is easy to customize their size.

Rustic stylish lantern

This is best table centerpiece especially for summer events like wedding and engagement ceremonies. Depending on the type and choice of flowers this specific centerpiece can be made for any given season.

Suspended candles

Although this is not something very new but you can make it more original by adding a different types of props like flowers etc. Try to use multiple glasses that vary in sizes and be creative with the greenery and flowers.

Ice flowers

Ice sculpture flowers are basically centerpieces that are made up of stationary enclosed blooms and are stunning pieces. The best thing about these centerpieces is that they will meltdown right in front of your eyes and give you a dual experience or an experience that you are having two new versions of centerpieces at a time.

Huge candy land

The good thing about this centerpiece is it adds a funny and attractive touch to your event and it is fun for all ages. The lollipops will go great with the kids of the party while the addition of small candies and red roses will add an adult touch to the arrangement.

Circular flowers

Flowers normally a combination of red and white roses are put together in a circular shape and then they are put in a vase to give them a more pleasant look.

Golden and Silver Balloons

If you want to be a little extra on your event then instead of adding floral centerpieces go for this fun and large silver and golden balloons.

The unique size and color of these balloons make them perfect for every occasion and they are ideal for smaller tables that don’t have enough space on the table.

Suspended Flowers

These submerged flowers are beautiful and different centerpieces which also let you to look at them closely in order to appreciate their beauty and they are best for those who don’t like to waste flowers.

You can further customize these table centerpieces by adjusting the size of the glass and also by selecting different flowers at a time.

Rose tree

This is a small but graceful centerpiece and the touch of mirrored-base along with candle glass helps to give pinkish color which gives it a very beautiful touch.

Circular rings

If you have tables that have middle cutouts then this is one of the best centerpieces for your event. This is a space-saving piece along with providing a beautiful wall along the hole in the center.

Glassless cubes

In every event, you may have seen flowers in vases because it is very common so here is the alternative to that in order to add something the guest may not have seen ever before.

These cubes are used to place the blooms inside and they provide tall or short table central pieces. This gives them the look that the flowers are coming out and growing right in front of your eyes.

Winter Trees

These are basically white in color and they are tree branches like and provide a chance to hang things for both single tables and for other larger events to be more precise.

These can also be used for new woodland theme or they can make you feel like you are somewhere in a winter land

Fairy lights

The notion that disco is dead proves to be wrong with these disco ball centerpieces which are best to give a thoughtful decoration sitting on an extended glass which gives them a stylish touch on a traditional one.

Geometric Cages

These are amazing alternatives for longer tables which don’t need to be filled with blooms. The cage in this overall arrangement provides an amazing centerpiece and in some other places they can be used to add blooms.

Flowing Peacock

This beautiful decoration piece is a flower art. Here a peacock is created that flows and blends into the table.

As peacock is an amazingly beautiful bird different colors are combined to make this but the only sad thing is it will not last long.

All these ideas are quite helpful to add an extra touch to your events like anniversaries; birthdays etc. So if you are one who is having a special event coming up in 2021 then take inspiration from here and make it even more special.