Types of Flower Arrangements

Flowers are quite well known for their scent as well as for their enchanting beauty which can easily grasp the attention of any person. These beautiful blooms can be arranged in different arrangements and also patterns in order to make them attractive.

When it comes to floral arrangements there is a long list and it mainly depends on the type of event you are producing. For instance, if you are hosting a party then at that time you need centerpieces.

But it doesn’t matter what type of event you are having there is always a specific arrangement that is specifically for you and you can have that floral arrangement for yourself.

If you are someone who is not so familiar with floral arrangements then this blog will give you a detailed idea about various floral arrangements that you can easily utilize for your upcoming occasions. So what are you waiting for just keep reading and find out the types of flower arrangements


  • Fan shaped floral arrangements

Ok, this one is the most common as well as a classic form of floral arrangement that is used by the florists almost all over the world because it is quite simple to make and also it looks very attractive and brighten up any given space.

In fan shaped floral arrangements the leaves and also flowers are arranged just like a fan. In this type, you have the option to use either same or different kinds of flowers to create these flower arrangements and also the empty space between the leaves and flowers is filled by using fillers.


  • Vertical flower arrangements

This next type of floral arrangement is quite common in floral bouquets as well as in floral baskets. In vertical floral arrangements different type, color and also shapes of flowers are used.

This type of floral arrangement is also equally popular and used among florists around the globe and these are basically used as showpieces in intimate events.


  • Horizontal floral arrangements

This flower arrangement basically utilizes narrow container in which one big flower is further accompanied with various loose floral branches on both sides.

In this floral arrangements flower of various colors, shapes and sizes are arranged in the form of zigzag pattern or rows. Further to make this floral arrangements even more unique and high in demand such flowers are used that are very strong in scent or fragrance.

These floral arrangements are mostly used in weddings and also in venues where anniversary or birthdays are celebrated.


  • Triangular floral arrangement

As the name indicates itself this is basically a triangular floral arrangement in which all the flowers that are used are cut and trimmed in the shape of a triangular.

In this arrangement the tallest floral stems are used right in the middle along with some tiny flowers that are placed on the sides of the overall arrangements in order to maintain the overall triangular shape.

This triangular floral arrangement is mostly used in receptions as well as in wedding ceremonies and in this type mostly red roses are used so these are also a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day to your special girl.


  • Oval floral arrangement

This flower arrangement is an oval shape and it has flowers that are bright as well tall right in the center. In this floral arrangement, all the flowers as well as the leaves are trimmed and also cut in oval shape arrangement which is then uniquely placed in bunches, bouquets and also floral baskets.

This oval shape arrangement looks quite dense and also bushy from the exterior and it is quite decent and elegant in nature.

These oval shaped floral arrangements are basically used in the interior decorations of special venues and also for ceremony halls.


  • Crescent shaped floral arrangements

As the name suggests this floral arrangement is just like the shape of the moon and more specifically the crescent moon. Depending upon the size of the crescent moon various curved shaped floral stems are picked to design this arrangement.

In this crescent floral arrangement, flexible stems like carnations or gladiola are chosen which are further supported by glossy floral wraps, leaves and also fillers.


  • S shaped floral arrangements

In this case, all the flowers are very creatively arranged in the form of the S alphabet which gives rise to uniquely designed floral baskets and also bouquets.

This descent and elegant floral arrangement are quite huge in size and it can be used in any kind of special event or celebration.

The flowers here are placed in floral stands and then they look like upright and for further amazing arrangements leaves and other floral fillers are used.

This is quite a complex floral arrangement and it has the potential to change the entire look and also feel of any special occasion.


  •  Cascade floral arrangement

This one is a beautiful and quite bushy arrangement. Apart from leaves, stems and flowers lots of green grass are also used to design this very unique floral arrangement.

This cascade floral arrangement is arranged in bouquets and these are given on the occasion of wedding ceremonies as well as in wedding anniversaries.

All the flowers that are used in this design are radiant in color and also they have a very strong smell which makes the overall experience even more enjoyable. This is a very popular and in-demand design across the globe.

You can choose any of the above floral arrangements and offer unique decoration and design to any occasion or event like birthday, farewell, anniversary or any other such event.