Types of Roses for Romantic Occasions

This will always remain an undisputed fact that nothing can replace flowers in making the moments special uniquely. A lot of flowers are now available in the market for different occasions but the flower of Rose will always remain the classic favorite of everyone. A bunch of red roses is such a common sight at different events that speak loud of its strong position in the flower world. Rose also carries a lot of history, mythology, symbolism, and literary figurations attached to it. This means that you can choose a specific type of rose from over 300 varieties for an event to make a deeper expression.

Different colors of roses and their meanings

Here are the 11 colors of roses that can spark up your romantic life.

  1. Red

The red roses have the richest symbolism clinging to them and they can make up to be the perfect expression of romantic feelings when words can’t do the job. The darker the color of a red rose, the deeper is the feeling of love being conveyed. You can choose between bouquets with a different number of roses like 11, 30, 100, etc, that are meant to convey separate romantic feelings.

  1. Pink

The pink color is believed to represent effeminacy in its truest essence and pink roses do the same. They are also seen as representing the feelings of softness, sweetness, and grace. They will make a perfect gift to the loved ones whom you cherish and admire. For new lovers, pink roses can be the perfect way of putting a smile on their faces which you absolutely cherish.

  1. White

If you admire your loved one for the purity and innocence they possess, a bouquet of white flowers will be perfect for them. White roses symbolize new life or new beginnings and this is why they are mostly used at wedding ceremonies or anniversary events. You can gift white roses to the person whom you secretly admire and convey your desire for the beginning of a new romance.

  1. Yellow

The yellow color is generally associated with the natural color of sunlight and this is how the yellow roses come down to being associated with happiness and brightness. They are meant to invoke the emotions of joy, cheerfulness, and excitement in the person who receives them.

  1. Orange

Energy, excitement, and freshness are the prime emotions that are generally produced upon seeing the color orange. Orange roses can be gifted to convey the feeling of passionate love and dedication to your better half. For igniting passion and new energy in any relationship, orange flowers can be the best start.

  1. Cream

If you feel thankful or gratuitous towards your loved one for their contribution to your life, cream roses can be a great idea to make that expression clear. They convey the emotion of thoughtfulness and appreciation when gifted to someone. Mixing them with some pink colored roses can make the expression even deeper.

  1. Peach

This is the most commonly available shade of roses that is otherwise understated for gifting. However, the peach-colored rose best represents the emotions of humbleness, modesty, gratitude, and sincerity. You can gift them to your lover for expressing how close you hold them to your heart and the feeling of deep friendship that you hold for them.

  1. Blue

The blue roses have not been a part of nature originally but this hybrid came down to gaining a separate set of symbolism for itself soon. The blue color is meant to invoke feelings of intrigue and mystery and this makes them a unique item to gift to your lover to tell them that they charm you with their love.

  1. Green

The green is a fresh color and is believed to symbolize the onset of freshness in life and plentiful growth. Now green roses are meant to invoke peace of mind and this makes them a great choice to give to your lover if they are a feeling bit down. These roses would instantly cheer them up and make your romantic bond even stronger.

  1. Coral

If you feel a deeper desire and intense fascination for your lover, then coral roses can be the perfect representation of those emotions. These flowers invoke energy and convey the feeling of excitement that you want to incorporate in your romantic relationships.

  1. Lavender

This is generally held as the color of royalty and symbolizes the values of grandeur and enchantment. This is one of the rarest colors to be found in the flora world and thus a lavender rose can make up to best represent the onset of romance. They can invoke the emotion of first sight love as well as the regal treatment you are willing to give to your lover.

Different type of roses around the world

You can choose among these rose varieties available in the market to gift to your loved one.

  1. Hybrid tea roses: These are the cut flowers that are highly prized due to their outstanding beauty, shape, bold colors, and fragrance. Gifting these can be a bold move towards romance.
  2. Bourbon roses: These full blooms come in different shades of red, white, and pink and their intense smell makes them a great choice to enthrall the lover. The dense arrangement of the petals looks magical.
  3. Moss roses: The vibrant colors and smell of these roses add up to the exceptional beauty they exhibit. If you don’t have enough words to express love, consider gifting moss roses to your lover and make them feel special.
  4. Tea roses: They smell like the Chinese black tea and have delicate white pastel color petals that rollback. These flowers, thus, have a unique shape and you can gift it to your love for expressing your strong dedication towards them.

Now that you have seen the different colors of roses and the various emotions and values they symbolize, select the right one that conveys your feelings towards your romantic partner, and make the perfect move. With roses, you can stay assured of not going wrong at any step of making your loved one special.

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