[2021] Flower Meanings for Valentine’s Day

There can be nothing more romantic on Valentine’s Day than a bouquet of your lady-love’s favorite flowers handpicked for her by you. Flowers are the ultimate expressions of emotions and they have the power to light up a room, all by themselves.


While most people choose flowers based on how pretty they are or because they happen to be of a particular color, there are in fact, meaning attributed to various kinds of flowers. These meanings are a marker of their history and express various things across cultures and continents.


So, if you want to say something special to your beloved this Valentine’s Day, pick the flowers which will help you in expressing yourself even better.


  • Tulips: Tulips traditionally stood for expression of love, which is why in many Mid- European cultures, they were the principal flowers used during marriages. These elegant flowers are native to the Netherlands and have been around since the 17th century, by which time they were frequently used on happy occasions. They signify love, warmth, and comfort and are a classic way of telling your partner that you will always be by their side.


  • Alstroemeria: These flowers are also known as Peruvian lilies. They are symbolic of devotion, loyalty, and eternal friendship, and eventually, that is what a fulfilling relationship should be about. These flowers also look very beautiful on natural bouquets, because there are multiple blooms on a single stem. They are also affordable and if you want to express your love in a simple yet heartfelt manner, then this is it.


  • Casa Blanca Lilies: Lilies are always a favorite but these lilies, in particular, are known for their class and style. These flowers are really dramatic, much like the city itself, which is expensive and is all about old-world glamour. These flowers are very sophisticated and your partner will appreciate your classy taste.


  • Peonies: Peonies are fluffy and small and there delicate nature is associated with bashfulness. However, they are also linked with romance and prosperity and it is said that whoever gets them, is blessed with good fortune. When you gift peonies to your beloved on Valentine’s Day, it means you also want them to do well and succeed in life, just as any good partner should. Hence, it becomes a mark of solidarity in your relationship. On the other hand, they are so pretty and according to ancient Greek mythology, it is said that Apollo turned nymphs into peonies in case Aphrodite came to know he was flirting with them.


  • Roses: Roses, of course, are the most popular flowers on V-Day and there are very few flowers which can compete with a bunch of red roses. It stands for everything that you might want in your relationship- love, passion, and romance. On the other hand, gifting yellow roses on V-Day would also signify that you consider your beloved as also your best friend. Pink roses are very beautiful to look at, and are the next popular option beside red roses, signifying romance and trust.


  • Matthiola Incana: If you are looking for a slightly unconventional flower option, then this spicy smelling flower could well be your choice. The bouquet smells of clove and cinnamon and the flowers were traditionally used as room fresheners. However, they were also gifted to someone for whom you wished a lifetime of happiness. The flowers also signify that beauty does not fade away with age. These flowers have a very bohemian vibe to them, making them perfect to be gifted to your free-spirited partner.


  • Red Chrysanthemum: These flowers come in vibrant red color and are a good option if you want to look beyond the traditional red roses. They symbolize deep passion and romance, and the fiery look and color of the flower are symbolic of deep-rooted passion. Once you gift them to her, she will know exactly what you feel.



  • Ranunculus: Also known as Buttercups, these flowers are available in several shades and hence symbolize playfulness and charm. They were also gifted in the ancient days to people for whom you felt a deep attraction. The flowers are very pretty, have a lovely and subtle fragrance, and are perfect to gift someone who you are just getting to know but would like to know even better.


  • Pink Asters: Asters derive their name from the flower heads that are shaped like stars and are symbolic of charm, loyalty, and sensitivity. They are perfect for someone you love, because even Aphrodite, the Greek Love Goddess, considered it her emblem. Gifting pink asters would signify stability in your relationship.


  • Daffodils: Most people consider Daffodils to be just garden flowers but they are so much more. It is said that gifting someone daffodils would ensure one entire year of good luck for the recipient. Well, what more could you want for your partner? It is a simple gesture but it shows how much you care for the well being of the person.


  • Daisies: These dainty flowers represent purity, innocence, and beauty. Because they are also available in a variety, these are also known for instantly creating a cheerful vibe in the air. If you want to keep things light, informal and yet cozy and special on Valentine’s Day, then these flowers are perfect.


  • Orchids: You can never go wrong with orchids. These exotic and hard to attain flowers will symbolize just that- how very special and unique your partner is. They are a mark of luxury and yet a symbol of strength, because of the plant’s tenacity to endure many kinds of weather conditions. This will be a very thoughtful flower selection for the special person in your life.


Gifting any of these flowers on Valentine’s Day will speak volumes about the kind of feelings you have for your partner. A sensitive person will not just look at their outer beauty but will try to decipher the true meaning behind them. And that is sure to make them love you all the more.

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