What Fragrant Flowers Available for Mother’s Day?

Make Mother’s Day extra special for your dearest mom by sending her the most fragrant flowers. Little Flower Hut is proud to offer hand-crafted and hand-delivered flowers to Singapore island-wide. We make it easier for you to pick, shop, and send fragrant flower delivery on Mother’s Day. If you want to send a bouquet of fresh flowers, consider sending these fragrant flowers:

·        Freesia

A bouquet of Freesia for your mom on Mother’s Day is perfect. The flowers are fragrant in citrus scents and they are pretty in delicate petals. Freesias are available in a wide variety of colors including yellow, red, orange, and white. You will make your mom smile and get inspired because of the beautiful flowers of Freesias and because of its unique scent. Moreover, you have our online florists to help you arrange a bouquet for your mom in case you prefer to give her a personalized or customized bouquet of Freesias.

·        Peony

Peonies bloom just in time for the Mother’s Day season, and when they bloom, they produce such a pleasing fragrance. When you intend to surprise your mom with a scented flowers delivery, we can help you carry out your plan. Our team of florists and delivery team is always ready to serve you so that the gift of flowers will bring smiles and good vibes to your mom. We have a large selection of stunning bouquets that contain white and pink Peonies, and each one is arranged elegantly to suit the cheerful Mother’s Day celebration. Talk to us if you want to send the flowers within the same day or on the next day. We offer a wide range of delivery services to suit your needs.

·        Hyacinth

Hyacinth is known as one of the fragrant flowers for bouquets. They come in a wide array of colors, too, such as white, peach, salmon, yellow, orange, red, pink, lavender, purple, and blue. The sweet fragrance of this flower makes the bouquet more delightful for your mom on her special day. You can place your orders online anytime you want, and the florists are here to deliver your flower gifts anywhere in Singapore for an affordable price. Little Flower Hut is your best place to send these beautiful flowers of Hyacinth on Mother’s Day and on every occasion.

·        Sweet Pea

Most moms love the flowers of Sweet Pea because of its delicate petals and pleasant fragrance. Whether you mix the flowers of Sweet Pea with other fresh flowers, your mom will easily identify the unique scent of this flower. They are available in different colors like red, blue, lavender, pink, and white. It means that you can send her a bouquet of Sweet Pea in her favorite colors. If you are planning to send fragrant flowers on Mother’s Day to honor your mom and to appreciate her love and care, you can always count on our professional florists.

·        Jasmine

If you want to shower your mom with sweet-scented flowers, the flowers of Jasmine are a great pick. Jasmine is a type of flower that has an abundance of fragrance, and its white-pinkish color makes it a lovely option for flower gifts and interior decoration. Whether in bouquets or in floral arrangements, the flowers of Jasmine are just perfect for every occasion. Fortunately, we offer bouquets of Jasmine flowers suitable for Mother’s Day flower delivery. In fact, we offer different varieties of scented flowers at Little Flower Hut, making us a famous fragrant flowers shop in Singapore.

·        Lilac

Lilac flowers are every mom’s favorite flower because of their soft colors and enticing fragrance. This flower is perfect for any occasions, and if you want to send her perfume and flowers delivery on Mother’s Day, you will never fail when you send her a bouquet of Lilac.

·        Gardenia

The distinct white blooms of Gardenia are just perfect for a Mother’s Day bouquet. More than that, this type of flower is a popular choice because of its fresh, pleasing scent. When you shop for Mother’s Day flowers, consider the scented Gardenia bouquet from our online florists. We guarantee the freshness of flowers when they reach your mom’s doorstep on the celebration of Mother’s Day. You can also choose to add a hamper of gift or a basket of fruits to the flower bouquet to make the day extra special.

·        Lavender

Lavender flowers are used not only for scented bouquets but also in many ways. In fact, its scent is one of the most used scents for essential oils, scented candles, aromatherapy oil, and perfumes. A beautiful bouquet of Lavender flowers, whether in pink, purple, blue, or white colors, is sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face. It will be a perfect gift for your mom, especially if she loves fragrant flowers.

·        Rose

The classic beauty of Rose flowers is paired with a delicate fragrance. Although not all types and varieties of Roses are scented, there are species that come with a pleasing sweet scent. It is known that the fragrance of flowers is relaxing. But what really makes them every mom’s favorite is because the flowers of Roses are inspiring and enchanting. If you are planning to send your mom a fabulous Rose bouquet on Mother’s Day, send them through our online florist. We, at Little Flower Hut, are here to make your flower shopping and gifting experience more wonderful. We provide the best flowers and delivery services for an affordable price.