How to Keep Your Fresh Flower Bouquet Lasting?

Who doesn’t love flowers right? We all just love them due to their radiant color as well as fragrance. But the sad part is these beautiful blooms don’t stay the same and within a few hours or days they start wilting.

But in this blog, you will come across some useful tricks and tips that will help you to keep your flowers for a longer period of time. So below are some of the tips that you can find helpful.


Go for floral varieties that will last longer

Ok, so this one is the easiest thing to do. One thing you need to know about flowers is every flower is different when it comes to the life in a vase.

This is specifically a confusing issue because flowers that have a long blooming time in the natural habitat are not certainly a perfect choice for longer vase life.

So you need to be extra careful while shopping for flowers that will survive longer in the vase and these flowers include zinnias, orchids, carnations and chrysanthemums.

Other flowers that have a comparatively smaller shelf life just like sunflowers and gladiolus. Therefore while shopping flowers with longer shelf life, just ask the florist about your preferred floral varieties and then buy your favorite ones.


Flower Preservatives to increase shelf life

Ok, so it really doesn’t matter that from where you get the floral bouquet whether you got it from your local floral shop or from any grocery shop they should give you a full packet of floral preservatives in order to increase the shelf life of the flowers you are getting.

This ingredient is not just to show the client that he/she is getting full use of their money but it also adds value to the floral arrangement by increasing the shelf life of the flower.

These floral preservatives are helpful because they add more time to the freshness of the flowers.

These preservatives are made up of various ingredients like biocides that will help to kill all type of bacteria or fungi. Sucrose will help to provide nourishment to the flowers which are normally kept away from direct sunlight.

Acidic ingredients will help to maintain the pH of the plants and they also help to maintain the radiant color of the plants. Finally, the respiratory inhibitors \ will help to slow down the aging process of the flowers hence the flowers will stay in your living room adding freshness and ambiance to the overall place.

So if you are visiting your local florist also make sure to buy preservatives in a larger amount. If you don’t have preservatives with you then you can also add a teaspoon of bleaching powder because something is better than nothing.


Cut down the foliage

In the bouquet preparation cutting the foliage will normally feel like a hard thing to do because after all who is there to notice few foliage placed in a given flower holder right?

But the thing to note down here is once all these leaves are submerged in the water these will definitely serve as a growth medium for all the microbes including both bacteria and fungi and as a result all your plant will die into time.

In order to prevent any painful pricks, you need to invest in a leaf stripper if in case you prefer roses and other flowers straight from the garden.


Flowers conditioning

If you properly condition your flowers then this will make sure that all your items are filled up with water rather than air which will definitely increase the shelf life of the plant as well as the freshness of the flowers will be retained.

The most significant conditioning aspect is to trim all the stems that are present inside the water and as a result, air won’t be able to enter the fresh cuts.

In order to enhance hydration, you need to use warm water. After that, quickly transfer the flowers into the vase that you have prepared.


Changing water is a must

After a few days, the water inside the vase gets sticky and slimy even after you add preservatives in it.

So that will encourage fungus to grow in them and therefore by changing the water continuously, you can discourage growth of microbes.

Also make sure to remove or replace any damaged flower from the vase which are also reducing the quality of water. Once you add fresh water in the vase never forget to add preservatives in that water.


Don’t use ethylene

Ethylene is a hormone that acts upon flowers and as a result, the flowers will age frequently and they either change color to brown or they will die soon.

Ethylene is mostly produced by ripening fruits so try to keep your flowers somewhere far away from fruits. Also when you smoke that time also ethylene produces which means that you need to quit smoking right away if you are a plant lover.


Sunlight is important

Phototropism is a concept in which flowers or plants bend towards the light which means that you really need to keep them near your kitchen window so that they can get indirect sunlight.

Flowers like tulips and sunflowers exhibit this behavior so you need to keep them near direct sunlight in order to retain their freshness and radiance.

Everyone loves flowers because they add freshness and fragrance to any given space and that is why these fresh blooms make the perfect gift for anyone.

But having said that the freshness of flowers don’t last long no matter how hard you try but by practicing these simple yet useful tips you can increase the shelf life of your flowers.

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