How to Pick a Specific Time for Flower Delivery?

Flowers are always on the go to almost every occasion from Valentine’s Day, birthday, weddings, Funeral, Mother’s Day, to Anniversary. No matter what the occasion is, giving flowers is a perfect way to convey a message of admiration and gratitude. Flowers are also a great way to extend heartfelt congratulations greeting to someone. This proves that flowers really fit on any occasion.


Flowers are not only used a décor for home or gardens, but you can also even put it on yourself. For women who are usually are more associated with flowers, wear them in their clothes or as an accessory. Flowers are even used as an ingredient for skincare products that promote healthy young-looking skin. The flowers bring out the natural beauty of women making them feel beautiful.


Flowers are one the common choice as a gift. Whether it is in the form of a hand bouquet or beautiful flower arrangement, it will surely express warm feeling and sentiment to the receiver. One of the reasons why flowers are a popular choice as gifts is that their presences bring cheerful and lively emotional feeling in your life.


With the modern age of technology, you can order flowers and send them as gifts to your loved ones online. There are a lot of garden and flower shops that cater to flower delivery. But ever wonder how to pick a specific time for your flower delivery?


Same-Day Delivery

When you are in a state of necessity and urgency, ordering flowers at the last minute can be a bit hassle. But thanks to the same-day delivery service of some flower shops. All you need to do is place your order within the day. Some flower shops accept orders from Monday to Friday and before 3 pm and you can expect that your flowers will be delivered at any time of the day. However, some flower shops only accept flower delivery before 12:00 pm. That is why you have to be mindful of the time that you place your order.


However, there are circumstances that even if you placed your order before the last schedule of acceptance of orders, they cannot deliver it on time or within the day. There are hard to reach areas like rural route addresses, military bases or hospitals. Make sure to ask the flower shop if they can deliver your flowers within the day.


Request a Specific Delivery Time

If you want to place a specific time for your delivery, you may do so. You can indicate or tell the flower shop or a florist to deliver on a specific time. In that way, they can assure you that the flowers are fresh and radiant once it reaches the hands of the person whom you are giving. There are some flower shops that can accommodate your flower delivery preferences especially if you are giving it your someone special.


Major Holidays

If you are ordering on occasions like major holidays, make sure to place your orders at least 5 days in advance. Major holidays make flower shops in a busy mode and sometimes they cannot accommodate all customers especially that they have to depend on the availability of the flowers. So, in order to avoid the hassle of major holidays, make sure to place your orders ahead of time.


Start your Search Early

Another tip when you are availing flower delivery service is you start your search early. Research ahead of time he flowers that you will be needing to say for example a special event like weddings or birthday. You have to keep in mind that the demand for flowers changes with the seasons. Just because it is not peak season or major holidays does it mean that flower shops can deliver your flowers immediately. There are seasonal flowers and they only grow on the specific season so its availability will actually depend on their blooming time.


The good thing is you can ask your local florist what flowers are available on a particular season. They will be glad to help you and assist you. However, make sure that your florist lives nearby so that t would be easy for them to deliver your flowers. There are florists who do not accept orders especially if your location is too far from them. Make sure to befriend your florist because some florists offer free consultations.


Compare Prices

It is always a good idea to compare prices from different flower or garden shops especially if you are in a tight budget. You can ask about the price range for every type of flower arrangements that you wish to order. If they only offer high prices, you can always ask for discounts especially if you are ordering in bulk. There are also flower shops that offer alternatives or packages so that you can save a lot of money.


You can also inquire about deposits and payments. If you are having a large event like birthday or weddings, your florist might ask you to deposit a down payment and then he will ask you to pay the full price once the event is done.


Ask for Suggestions

Shopping for flowers can be a daunting task especially if you are not familiar with flowers. It is always a good idea to ask for suggestions from your florist so that they can cater to your needs. But if you do not know any florist in your area, you can ask your friends who just recently had a big event and ask where did they get the best and cheap supplier of fresh flowers.