Meaning and Symbolism of Christmas Flowers

On Christmas day flowers really don’t get all the due credits they deserve. Their charm and beauty are normally overlooked by garlands, Christmas trees and also candles. There are many beautiful plants and flowers that are totally synonymous with this season. Most of these plants and flowers are not only pretty but they also symbolize something very meaningful.

In this blog I will list some of the most common Christmas flowers and also their meaning so that by the end of the blog you will know the Christmas flowers meanings and choose them wisely.

So let’s dive in the blog!


  1. Poinsettia

This particular flower is also known as Christmas Flower and Christmas star. It is believed that poinsettia is linked with Christmas season because of a Mexican legend. During the holiday season this particular flower is most commonly used to decorate homes and other such places.

By looking at the pink or white blooms many people think that they are flowers but actually they are colorful leaves which are also called bracts. The main story of these flowers is basically immersed in Mexican legend. There were two children who did not have the money to bring any gift to the church on the evening of Christmas. So they just picked weeds in order to save themselves from the embarrassment.

The other kids in the church made fan of them and miraculously these weeds turned into bright red blooms, the bracts of poinsettia. So on the basis of that the floral meaning is happiness, prosperity and new beginning.


  1. Christmas Rose

Ok so by looking at the name you may be thinking that it is a rose but let me tell you that this is not actually a rose. This particular flower is more closely related to buttercup.

This is basically a wild flower and it grows in the mountains of Europe during winter season but some people manage to grow them in their garden.

Christmas rose meaning is somehow embedded in the European Christian tale. A poor girl named Madelon came across some wise men and shepherds who were on their way to meet baby Jesus with full of gifts.

Madelon was poor she did not have anything to offer and was very sad. In that very moment an angel came and in order to console her he just brushed the snow away and revealed a bunch of these Christmas roses.

Christmas rose meaning is quite clear from this tale, unlike other flowers Christmas rose flower meaning is linked with faith, positivity and believes. Christmas rose symbolism signifies hope in a better and brighter future so this particular flower is commonly gifted to loved ones on Christmas.


  1. Holly

This particular plant has dark green and needle like leaves that normally grow on the bush. Previously this plant was known as Christmas plant because around the holiday season it grows bright red colored berries.

With a background of deep green leaves these berries really stand out and become prominent which truly shows the famous colors of the Christmas festival. The leaves as well as berries of holly have been adopted as typical festive décor but the overall symbolism dates back to the Druids.

The Druids used to think that this plant is a symbol of long and never ending life and the same meaning was later adopted by the Christians with the slight addition of being symbol of Jesus promising a long life.

Therefore out of all the flowers that we have discussed so far Holly is the most popular, even the whole color theme of Christmas revolved around red and green.


  1. Amaryllis

This is a very unique as well as elegant flower. It normally grows in the color white and red which are just the perfect colors of the holiday season. If you are planning a Christmas get-together and want to invite all your loved ones for a nice and cozy dinner then make sure to have these tall blooms that will make perfect centerpieces. This particular plant is not only long lasting like with proper care it will stay for almost 6-8 weeks but also with a bit of TLC you will enjoy its beauty for other seasons as well.

This particular plant symbolizes determination, love as well as beauty. The ancient Greeks used to associate it with strength because of its sturdiness as well as height. These flowers also symbolize success and apart from Christmas these are also given as gifts for some big achievement.


  1. Mistletoe

The history of this flower dates back to the Pagans. Some two hundred years ago the Druid priests even before the birth of Christ used this particular Christmas flower in their winter celebrations. The flower was immensely respected because the plant remained green even when there was no moisture at all.

During Christmas celebrations Mistletoe is used commonly because this flower is used to symbolize purity, blessings, eternal happiness as well as spiritual growth.


  1. Christmas cactus

When this Christmas cactus is in full bloom then it is a great idea to give it to your loved ones, friends and family as a Christmas present. It has pendulous shoots that give it an appealing appearance. It can be used as a hanging basket and can instantly add much needed greenery to any living space.

The flowers of cactus come in different colors including cream, orange, purple and pink; you can choose any of these colors according to our taste. Christmas cactus makes a great present because it is used to symbolize resilience and growth.

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