Why Choose Carnations for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide in different ways. Some prefer to have a glamorous celebration while would rather have it celebrated more intimately with the whole family. Surprisingly, the flowers of Carnations are the official flowers for this annual celebration. Many people give their moms a bouquet of pink or white Carnations on Mother’s Day as a tradition. If you are wondering why Carnations are the flowers of Mother’s Day, here are some of the reasons:

·        Because It was Officially Chosen by Anna Jarvis

Who is Anna Jarvis? She was the founder of Mother’s Day in America. When her mom, Ann Reeves Jarvis, passed away, she vowed on her grave that a day for honoring mothers, whether alive or deceased, will be created. She honored her mom with Carnation flowers. But it was in 1907 when the tradition started. One Sunday, Anna brought 500 stems of Carnations to church, wherein her mother was a Sunday School Teacher. She requested every mother in the church to get one stem as a token of respect and honor. Since then, the tradition was upheld in the church year after year. She chose this flower because it was her mother’s favorite flower. In 1914, the Mother’s Day holiday was made official.


·        Because It was Officially Recognized as Mother’s Day Flower

The mothers day flowers Carnations were made official in 1940.  After the gesture of giving mother’s day carnations to every mother in the church, most of the churches in the community and neighboring communities followed the tradition. In fact, the gesture became a significant part of the country’s history.


·        Because It Symbolizes the Virtues of Motherhood

There is so much more about Carnations than just being a filler flower. Carnations for mother’s day were meant to symbolize the virtues and characters of a mother. Its white color was symbolic of her pure love while its lasting blooms were symbolic of faithfulness. Its form was meant to adore her beauty and its fragrance expressed her love. Seeing them grow in wide fields also conveys charity.


·        Because Each Color Symbolizes a Character or Sentiment

White – White Carnations were common during those times. They are meant to symbolize a mother’s devotion to the family. Also, the white mother’s day flower Carnation symbolizes respect, honor, and dignity. For a deceased mother, white flowers are meant to express eternal remembrance.

Pink – Pink Carnations become a significant color nowadays when it comes to Mother’s Day celebrations. This is because the color refers to the gratitude and appreciation one has for her mother. Pink Carnations mother’s day flowers also show the tender and undying love of a mother for her children.

Red- Red Carnations convey love and admiration. The love of a mother for her children is something to admire because it is one that never fails or stops. Red Carnations mother’s day bouquet is the perfect gift to a mom, especially if you want to show your love and emotion.


·        Because It Is Significant in Different Countries

United States of America – In the USA, since Mother’s Day officially started in the country, Carnation flower mother’s day is the most common option. A bouquet of white Carnations symbolizes gratitude and honor to a mom who already passed away while a pink bouquet conveys appreciation and love to a mom who is still alive. Red Carnation bouquets on Mother’s Day are also an ideal option for flower gifting.

Singapore – In Singapore, Carnations are arranged beautifully in bouquets and floral arrangements on Mother’s Day. It symbolizes the mother’s love for her children. Sending your mom a fabulous Carnation bouquet is also a way to express love and appreciation to the woman who never fails to nurture the family.

Japan – In Japan, Carnations are the flowers f Mother’s Day. It symbolizes the sweetness of a mother, as well as her endurance and perseverance to make the family comfortable. Carnation flower mother’s day arrangements are common in red color for a mother who is still alive, but the white ones are ideal for a mother who is already deceased.

China – In China, red Carnations are the perfect way to show respect, love, and appreciation to mothers. It is their tradition to give honor to the elderly, especially to mothers. Flower shops in this country sell more flowers on Mother’s Day than on any special holidays.

Indonesia – In Indonesia, Carnations are among the most meaningful flowers. A Carnation mothers day bouquet is often placed for orders and delivery a few weeks before the said annual occasion because of the high demand.

Canada – In Canada, Mother’s Day celebration is the perfect time to send mothers a bouquet of pink Carnations to express appreciation and gratitude. Other flowers, like Roses and Mums, are also a common pick when sending Mother’s Day flower delivery.

Netherlands – In Netherlands, Mother’s Day is Flowers Day, and there are a large variety of flowers, including Carnations, arranged for bouquets for moms.  Pink Carnations are preferred for Mother’s Day because the white blooms are associated with Prince Bernhard.

Norway – In Norway, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of February, instead of May. It was first celebrated by a religious organization. In the modern age, this annual holiday is celebrated with cakes and flowers, mostly Roses and Carnations.

Turkey – In Turkey, the flowers of Carnations symbolize Muhammad, and on Mother’s Day, this is the type of flower that tops the Mother’s Day flower delivery. Turkish Carnations are among the excellent varieties in the world.