Picking the Right Flowers for the International Women’s Day

The international women’s day which is normally celebrated on March 8 is a less known holiday. It basically started in 1909 as a social event but with the passage of time it has lost its political value.

It is basically the day on which the social, economic and also political achievements of all the women around the globe are celebrated and on this day some extra love, respect and appreciation are own to the women.

Flowers are considered as the perfect gift for every occasion and these flowers are also a perfect way to celebrate women’s day and tell the women in your life that how much you appreciate them.


Why you should send flowers on women’s day?

The very simple explanation for this is every woman and girl out there just loves and adores flower and that doesn’t require much explanation.

Even if flowers are not really her first choice it is always worthy of considering giving a bouquet of flowers to the woman in your life because they have always very powerful effect on women especially.

These flowers have the ability to brighten up anybody’s mood and they act as mood lifters without doing much effort so it is always a great idea to gift flowers to woman on their day.

If you are wondering what flowers you should get to the women in your life then this blog is exclusively written for you. Just keep reading and find out all the amazing flowers that you can get your girl on this upcoming women’s day.



Tulips are very famous and well known flowers and they are the flowers of the ng season. There is wide variety of colors in tulips so it is quite easy to choose the perfect tulip for your girl and make her fall in love with you all over again.

Tulips have a very light fragrance which is a perfect gift for someone who is allergic to strong smells.

According to traditions when you give red tulip to someone it is like a way to declare your love and appreciation for them while yellow tulips signify that you are hopelessly in love with the other person.



Peony is a great way to make a dramatic statement of your love and respect. Around 1000 BCE these beautiful flowers were first grown in China. These flowers come in a variety of different shades like pink, white, red and also different hybrid colors.

The unique thing about these Peonies is that every color has a different fragrance which is why these are considered as the perfect flowers for women’s day.

Choose the color as well as the fragrance according to the personality of the girl this way she will realize that how much thought you put behind the entire process.



These beautiful bright colored flowers signify various things like purity, innocence and also happiness. All these meanings that are associated with these flowers make it a perfect choice if you want to cheer someone up.

These have very mild smell almost feels like no smell but the color of these flowers are so vibrant that they will make up for their mild fragrance.



These elegant white and yellow flowers are very well known for their intoxicating smell. These beautiful blooms are used to symbolize secret love, joy and also purity which make them a perfect choice for a women’s day gift.



These flowers were initially grown by the ancient Romans as a sign of the start of spring season. These flowers are used to symbolize faith, hope and also purity which make them a perfect wedding flower.

These are normally unscented and found in various colors like pink, white and yellow. All these colors are very soft and they are pretty much liked by the women so you can go for any of these colors and the girl of your life will instantly fall in love with them.



Roses are generally much loved among women and you can never go wrong with them. These roses symbolize true love and normally given to express your feelings for any person you find attractive or in love with.

There are many colors of roses like red, yellow, pink, white and even black and just pick any of these colors on this women/s day and tell the woman of your life that how special she is.



Mimosa is one of the few very famous flowers that are associated with international women’s day. The flower Mimosa has a very bright yellow color which makes it quite energetic as well as lively to give to the girl of your life on this international women’s day.



These are the type of flowers which are quite sunny and also proud flowers to brighten up any space. They not only represent adoration but also sunshine and that is why they are thought to be perfect as women’s day gift.

In order to impress the woman even more you can send these flowers in the form of bouquets as well. Apart from that you can also send boxed flowers, flowers in a vase, and baskets as well.

It doesn’t matter which flower type you choose or what floral arrangement you send the main thing is to send flowers to the woman in your life in order to tell her just how significant she is and how much you adore her.

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