Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Husband

14th February, the international day of love is celebrated all around the globe. This day is marked as the day to make your partner feel special and, tell him or her about how important they are in thy life. One cannot deny salary wages earning of Singapore Floristthe fact, that it is easier to get gifts for women than men. Women have a pool of options to make choice from like bags, makeups, chocolates, stuffed toys, flowers, and many more. But, poor men their life revolves around drinks, belts, and wallets. Hence, it is quite difficult for women to choose an extra special gift for their men on Valentine’s day. But wait! Why not flowers for men? Men too can love flowers. In-fact flowers are a universal expression of love so why not woo husbands and boyfriends with flowers? Let’s make a list of Valentine’s day flowers for your husband.

Red roses

Red is the color love. Red roses will always come to the rescue when pampering your won. These flowers represent deep love, passion, and desire at the same time. These can be used to gift like a bouquet or use their petals to decorate the romantic ambiance for him. A beautiful romantic note with the bouquet would be a cherry on the cake. Present him with his favorite wine and a special expensive gift like a perfume or wallet. Roses have a delightful appearance. Hence if not red roses, then pink or white roses will always offer a helping hand for a successful romance.

Pink or purple lilies

The royal flowers can make your husband feel like a king. You can have your florist build a crown out these beautiful flowers. These too can be used to gift like a bouquet or decorating. Please do not denote colors pink and purple to be feminine. These colors represent gratitude, appreciation, and capriciousness.

A cluster of lilies placed in his office or bedroom can woo him easily. Not to forget, white lilies too can compliment pink and purple lilies with their graceful look. These flowers speak the language of love as well as royalty at the same time. They know how eager you are to pamper your king on a valentines day. These might affect your pockets a little but will fully serve the purpose of romance and love.

Pink and white carnations

Roses and lilies may go out of your budget a little. At that time, you can always rely on carnations. These are beautiful and, can give a bulk bloom at fair prices. Some might think these are tacky and unromantic but you can depend on them on for decoration. For a romantic yet entertaining valentine’s day you can have your florist make natural men ornaments for your husband. You can ask them to make him a belt, crown, ring, or a garland for him. You can also, use these flowers for romantic baths and, used to decorate romantic cakes. No matter what you think these pocket-friendly beauties will be a savior to your romance and, will bring your man closer to you.

The blue orchids

Till now you might still be having doubt to gift pink and white combinations of flowers to your men. We know its hard to convince that pink, purple, and white are not too feminine. don’t worry! Blue orchids are something that you need. Now imagine decorating his room with blue orchids, blue vanilla scented candles, blue bed sheet laid on his bed, blue balloons, and lots of blue orchids bouquet. Ohhh MYY! It’s an absolute blue romantic heaven. The blue bonanza is equally romantic as radiating red romance on a Valentines’ day. Also, red is too mainstream. With a blue bonanza romantic valentine theme, let’s make it a unique celebration.

The blue blooming Hydrangeas 

Like the orchids, the blue hydrangeas to can help you have the blue romantic valentines. The best thing about these flowers is that these bloom in clusters and your florist can separate the cluster increase the number of flowers. This will not add up to your cost and, hence you offer an amazing valentine treat your husband. These too can help you use them as a gifting bouquet or decoration. None the less, these flowers can not only be used to make ornaments for your kind but for his rooms too. One can easily make room chandeliers or wall hangings for the room.

Be it a man or a woman, one can never get enough of flowers, especially on Valentine’s day. We know gifting pink or red flowers to men may be a little awkward, but flowers like blue orchids or blue hydrangeas are always there to cover up for the rest of the flowers. Valentine’s day is a very special day to tell your partner how much love him/her. If a man can step up to make it special for his woman, so can she step up to make this day equally memorable for him. All she has to do is choose the right flowers and get delivered. Moreover, doing something extraordinary for your someone special includes lots of thought and time. Flowers can help you in doing that, but you still need to put some extra effort. Put a romantic note, cook or order his favorite food, get him an expensive gift like video games, or anything that he loves to make it extra special for him. And, believe it or not, the flowers you put beside him always act as the language of love and deliver you love messages easily to him.