What Else To Add to Flowers in Using Them for Baby Shower Parties?

Baby shower parties can be more wonderful when you add flowers to the decorations or to the baby shower gifts. Such fun celebrations need gorgeous flowers. But what if you want to make the most out of the celebration using flowers and the pretty baby shower gifts and accessories? Here are some of the luxurious gifts to add to flowers not only as gifts but also as decorating objects and party favors for baby shower parties:

·        Pompoms and Balloons

Flowers go nicely well with pompoms and balloons for the baby shower party decoration. The array of colors will make the venue more attractive. You can have them in one shade or tone based on the chosen theme or on the gender of the new baby. You can also have these pompoms and balloons in different colors and sizes to add fun and festivity to the occasion.


·        Garlands and Banner Paper Flags

Flowers can be paired with colorful garlands and banner paper flags to be used as a party decoration. You can find them at any party accessories shops or boutiques. If you want to save on costs, you may also choose to make them by yourself using colorful papers and materials at home instead. The venue will turn out more fun and impressive for the expectant parents and for the guests.


·        Baby Hampers

Baby hampers can be added to flowers to make the baby shower venue more enchanting. With fabulous hampers that are designed based on theme and motif, you can have elegant decorations at the baby shower party and a thoughtful gift to the expectant parents. Most of the flower bouquets and arrangements meant for baby showers are in light and bright colors. But you can choose one that goes with the theme and style of the hampers. The florist has the best ideas whether for gifting purposes or for use to decorate the venue or to give as party favors.


·        Diaper Cake or Diaper Baby Cart

When baby shower flowers are added to the diaper cake or diaper baby cart, the party will definitely become more fun and festive. Everyone, especially the expectant parents, will treasure the moment. The diaper cake typically serves two purposes – to have some useful things to help the new parents with the daily diaper essentials and to have a unique decorative object at the baby showers. According to the florist, a special diaper cake or diaper baby cart contains around 40 to 60 pieces of baby disposable diapers. The number of diapers is good enough to cover the baby’s frequent change of diaper for two weeks or more.


·        Fruit Basket

A basket of fresh fruits is a perfect gift that can easily go with a bouquet of baby shower flower. The dining table or buffet table will look festive and attractive when decorated with fruit baskets decorated with fresh flowers. It is the most caring way to express your cheerful greetings to the new mommy and daddy as they expect a new baby. If the celebrants permit, even the guests will get to enjoy the delicious fresh fruits. If you want to send them both flowers and fruits for baby shower party, the online florists can give you freshly picked fruits direct from the orchard and a lovely bouquet of baby shower flowers.


·        Vintage Rainbow Floral Gourmet Gift Set

A gourmet gift set that is packed with a rainbow of soothing colors and fresh flowers makes a wonderful baby shower accent. The gift set can be easily paired with flowers for baby shower, making them a perfect crowd-pleaser decorative item at the baby shower venue. The vintage style of the gift set and the types of flowers incorporated in the bouquet provide an additional valuable decorative attraction.  They can be arranged in pleasant hues to make the party more charming and attractive. Luckily, everything you need for this fabulous gift set is found at the florist’s shop in Singapore.


·        Baby Shower Gift Basket

The baby shower gift basket is not only ideal for the baby shower party but also to pair with a bouquet of fresh flowers or to a lovely floral arrangement. No matter what the style or theme of the party is, there is a gift basket design that will suit the occasion. In addition, the florist can help you create or customize a baby shower basket depending on your budget and on the baby gift items you want to include. For the newborn baby girl or baby boy, the shop is filled with beautiful assortments to fill up your gift basket.


·        Baby Socks Bouquet

A cute way to have a presentable and eye-captivating gift for a baby shower party is a set of baby socks arranged in a lovely bouquet. The expectant mom and dad will love the impressive rose bouquet socks in a variety of colors, especially when paired with real fresh flowers. It can be used as a centerpiece for the baby shower party or as a decorative item for the gift table. The florists have an array of designs that you can buy anytime. But if you want to arrange one by yourself, this baby sock bouquet is easy to do.

There are a lot of things to use along with flowers for baby shower parties. Aside from the tablecloths and linens with cute prints and other party favors and accessories, the gifts that each guest brings make a nice item to add to flowers and use for baby shower parties.