What Is the Rarest Rose in the World?

Roses are the most popular flower in the world. They are famous because of their beautiful blooms and pleasant smell. Rose belongs to the genus Rosa from Rosaceae family and it has more than hundreds of original species from which thousands of cultivars and hybrids were made. The flowers of Rose are found in different parts of the world. Moreover, despite being a common and popular flower, Rose is found in the rarest bloom. The rarest Rose is the Blue Rose and it is one that is not easy to find.

  • History of Blue Rose as the Rarest Rose

Blue Rose exists only in poetry and paintings. It is also used as objects and subjects in different fictions, movies, and stories. Among the famous artists who used the rare blue Rose was Rudyard Kipling. Blue Roses in all these literature masterpieces are the mysterious one. In China, the blue Rose was also made popular but only in the old folklore.

Painted Roses were also popular in the past. Most florists paint Roses in different colors but the most favorite and sought-after one was the Blue Rose. The blue rose was given as a gift in bouquets or in flower arrangements. Painting roses was a common tradition even during the old times. Real Blue Roses were never really found, but they remained a mystery according in the myths and legends of the ancient people.

  • First Dyed Blue Rose

The first blue Rose was said to have been painted and dyed. The blue Roses were white Roses originally and they were dyed to achieve the blue color. Dying the flowers is done by adding the dye powder or dye mix into the water. The stems of the flowers absorb the dyed water. The rare flowers of Blue Roses that are widely available through the florists are white Roses dyed in blue color.

  • First Real Blue Rose

The first real blue Rose was created through genetic modification. It was done in Japan by a Japanese company, the Scientists at Suntory. It took the scientists 20 long years before they finally came out with a rare blue Rose. They called it “Applause.” They used the blue gene flowers to create the blue Rose. Although it was actually in the shades of lilac color, they still called it Blue Rose. In 2009, these Blue Roses were sold out after they were on sale. It was recorded that the price of the rare Blue Rose was 10 times the price of the ordinary roses.

Roses do not contain delphinidin or the blue gene. To come out with blue color, or other colors, it needs genetic modification. This blue pigment or the antocyanidin pigment is not present in the physical qualities of a Rose. Good thing there is cultivation. However, such cultivation is limited, thus a true blue Rose is impossible to create.

  • Meaning of Blue Rose

Flowers are known for their beauty as well as for their symbolism and meanings. The rarest Rose of blue is also a meaningful flower. It is associated with True Love, a love that is incomparable and unattainable. To other people, a blue Rose means unreachable and unrequited love. Blue Roses also symbolize mystery. It is a deep desire but cannot be attained. These rarest Roses are used to represent patriotism in bouquets of red, white, and blue Roses. Blue Roses are also incorporated with different hues and shades for wedding flowers, baby showers for a new baby boy, and for events and occasions.

  • Why Blue Roses are Sent to Loved Ones

There is no doubt that the flowers of Roses are the first choice when it comes to flower gifting. This is because of their beautiful petals and structure, and also because of their sweet fragrance. However, among the most common colors of Roses, some people prefer to send Blue Roses.

Rare and unique in its blue color, the Blue Rose is becoming popular as a flower gift because it conveys how special the recipient is to the giver. This is a perfect romantic gift for couples who share one great love that cannot be compared with any other thing.

Another reason why people love to send this rarest Rose is that it symbolizes commitment, relationship, and trust. Because blue Roses are difficult to create, in fact, it took them 20 years to make one, this flower speaks of commitment. For couples enjoying the blue Rose, it could mean unity, trust, loyalty, and peace.

In addition, the Blue Roses bring hope to someone who thinks that a dream is impossible to reach. This is also speaking of the mystery of love that can go beyond impossibilities. For someone looking for a miracle and hoping that something good will happen eventually, this is the perfect type of flower to give. Whether in a bouquet or in one-of-a-kind arrangement, you can send your loved one a flower delivery of the rarest blue Rose on any occasions.

Blue Roses are the rarest type of Rose. Although there is no natural and real blue Rose, there are blue Roses, dyed and cultivated through a genetic modification that can be purchased from the florists. Because they are rare and unique, expect their prices to be expensive, too. If you are planning to send your special someone a bouquet of fresh blue Roses to express your deep love and emotion that is beyond impossibilities, you can find the best designs of bouquets at the florist’s shop.