Why Should Florist Business Invest in Social Media Marketing? ‎

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are growing day by day. As there are millions and billions of users worldwide, therefore, there is absolutely no limit to how many people can reach on these social media platforms.

For a floral company, in order to be competent and reach the masses, it is very important to use and invest on these social media platforms.

What is Social media marketing?

Social media marketing as quite apparent from its name it is a strategy that basically uses social media in order to advertise your floral online business.

By using numerous platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and also Pinterest you can inform the users about your specific floral business and also you can show them your offerings and different floral creations including bouquets and other floral arrangements.

Now let’s come towards how florists can use each of these social media platforms to enhance their business.


This is one of the biggest social media platforms with almost 2.13 billion monthly users and along with that the platform continues in its popularity almost 14% every year.

Now the question is how by using Facebook florists can reach the public?

Florists can take pictures and make videos of their floral creations and also the fresh flowers that are available with them. Once done with posting these pictures and videos are available for the users to like, comment and share and as a result the reach to audience increases.


Twitter has almost 284 million monthly users and it is just like Facebook in comparison to what you can post.

Here also florists can take pictures, make videos or include links and write captions but in this case, florists can write only 280 characters which is not the case in Facebook. This limit makes twitter a real-time feed which is more precise, short and specific.


There are almost 600 million users on Instagram which makes it one of the most popular social media platforms and also makes it an ideal platform for florists to flourish their business.

This is a more image-based platform, unlike both Facebook and Twitter. And for florists and floral companies, it is a very exciting and useful feature since the pictures of the flowers and floral creations will definitely amaze your followers.

Another good feature of this platform is along with posting pictures you can also write captions in which you can further grab the attention of your followers.

Instagram also has the option to upload stories in which you can add short videos and pictures of your flowers which will expire after 24 hours.

Why social media marketing is important for florists?

If you own a floral company and you have a team of florists and artists to create mind-blowing floral arrangements then don’t think that these are enough for running a successful floral business.

The main thing is how to reach to the audience and how to inform people that you own a floral company and provide all the services? So at that time, these social media platforms come to the rescue.

As a florist, always keep in mind that winning customers with visions of your amazing floral arrangement is a key thing. Instead of just focusing on the flowers and floral arrangements these social media platforms also play a huge role to reach out to people and showing them what you own and create and that is an enormous selling point.

There are billions of users and one simple share or tag by any one user can help you to increase the audience exponentially.

Social media platforms are not only used for sharing images of all your floral arrangements and collections these can also be used to share the following:

  • Link to you floral website
  • Seasonal bouquets and arrangements
  • Links to pages on your websites including how to properly take care of the flowers
  • Flowers information that is either in season or coming into the season.

By sharing this type of information you are basically sending out the message to the users that you are a leader in your chosen field. It shows that not only you sell flowers but you know all about various blooms, how to take care of them and also provides options to the clients who are looking for the best gift.

By using this information you are also enabling other florists to share that information on their sites which will further increase your reach. When someone else shares your articles on their sites it will end up opening the door to more publicity to your website which will further increase your sale.

What social media marketing strategies florists should use?

It is a fact that for more reach and exposure you must have a presence on all the social media platforms but what you post on each of these sites and how you reach the audience makes all the difference.

So in order to be more effective, you must use the following strategies:


You are selling flowers and creating floral arrangements so people should see them. Therefore images are a great way to show your talent on these platforms because these are great ways to not just tell but also show to your target audience what you are selling.

Special offers

Another great strategy is to post special offers for any of your special floral arrangement on the social media platforms it will increase the website trafficking.

Include an image of the arrangement along with a captivating title which will force the user to click on your website link in order to learn more about the special offer.

Social media platforms are a great way to boost any company and business. In the era of technology, you can use it to flourish your business by reaching out to the masses.

But try to use it efficiently and effectively by keeping in mind all the mentioned strategies it will certainly help you to sell your products.