10 Most Amazing Flowers To Give On This Valentine’s Day

Almost everyone looks forward to the Valentine’s Day season to celebrate love and to express their emotions to the people they love. Although love is something that can be expressed every day, it should be something different on Valentine’s Day. The gift of flowers will never be out of the picture. If you are sending your special someone Valentine’s bouquet, here are the 10 most amazing Valentines flowers to choose from:

1. Rose (Long-stemmed and red)

Roses are definitely amazing flowers, and for Valentines’ bouquets, the florists in Singapore recommend the long-stemmed ones and the red blooms. Roses are also among the flower 10 for romantic flowers. The bouquet of long-stemmed, red Roses on Valentine’s Day speaks of passionate love. However, if you are sending a bouquet of Roses to family, relatives, and friends, you may want to choose the yellow Roses, which represent friendship, or pink Roses for admiration or gratitude.

2. Orchids (Romantic purple)

The exotic blooms of Orchids make a wonderful romantic flower for Valentine’s Day. A bouquet of purple Orchids conveys romantic messages and sentiments. When you send purple Orchids bouquet to the woman you love on Valentine’s Day, it shows that you are thinking of her or that she is special to you. Orchids are also available in potted plants or planters, which is a nice idea for a lasting Valentine’s Day gift.

3. Carnations (Dark red)

For vday flowers that symbolize deep love, passionate emotions, and admiration, Carnations in the color of dark red are a perfect choice. If you want to say the message of love and affection to someone on Valentine’s Day, the flowers of Carnation will never fail you. Carnation bouquets in pink color are also expressive of romance and admiration, while the white bouquets speak of sincerity and purity. They make a nice gift to give on Valentine’s Day to the woman you adore.

4. Tulips (Brilliant pink)

Tulips are among the flowers 10 for Valentine’s Day bouquets. They are among the brilliant flowers that convey true love and deep passion. The pink blooms are just lovely for Valentine’s bouquet, and they are meant to show care, affection, and fascination. Meanwhile, the yellow Tulips say that you are hopelessly in love and the red ones symbolize romance. White Tulips mean spiritual meaning and orange Tulips declare cheerfulness and excitement. If you want to treat your special someone with amazing flowers on Valentine’s Day, you may want to choose a bouquet of Tulips in beautiful rainbow colors.

5. Gerbera Daisies (Perfect red)

Gerbera Daisies are a classic symbol of love and romance. For a romantic flower bouquet on Valentine’s Day, Gerbera Daisies in perfect red color are meant to express deep love and romance. Its radiant red color symbolizes love in the highest form of energy and rejuvenation. Meanwhile, to some women, the flowers of Gerbera Daisy speak of true and inner beauty, innocence, and purity. If you are planning to send amazing Valentine’s flowers, consider the colorful blooms of Gerberas for someone who is full of positive vibes and beautiful character.

6. Ranunculus (Dazzling Pink)

The dazzling flowers of Ranunculus in pink color are a great flower choice for Valentine’s bouquets. They are luxurious attractive flowers that will definitely catch the attention of the person receiving them. Pink Ranunculus flowers are also charming, and they express a message of infatuation, fascination, admiration, and attraction in a romantic way. The radiant charm and beauty of this flower, especially in the color of pink, is just perfect for someone who is as charming and lovely as the flowers.

7. Stargazer Lilies (Dramatic bloom)

Dramatic in its bold colors, the flowers of Stargazer Lily make an impressive bouquet on Valentine’s Day. The flowers come in a striking pattern and rich fragrance, and their shape and colors shout boldness. They are available in red, pink, and orange colors, making them a fabulous choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day bouquet. Symbolically, Stargazers express admiration of the person’s sparkling character and personality. A bouquet of pink and red Stargazers conveys your emotions, too, on Valentine’s Day.

8. Iris (Sophisticated blue)

The lovely flowers of Iris offer sophistication and elegance. In Greek mythology, Iris was symbolic of the goddess of love perhaps because of its unique beauty and structure. The flowers of Iris are also the flowers of the month of February, the month of love. When you send your loved one a bouquet of blue Iris, you are also sending a message that says you are deeply and madly attracted to her beauty.

9. Alstroemeria (Cherished red)

Alstroemeria flowers are symbolic of devotion and love. They come in different colors but the red blooms are meant for romance, love, and affection. Pink Alstroemeria flowers are also gorgeous while the purple ones are majestic. For a Valentine’s Day romantic bouquet, you can even have these colors mixed to express your message of love.

10. Sunflowers (Cheerful yellow)

Sunflowers on Valentine’s Day are a great way to express joy and cheerfulness. They come in bright and cheerful yellow colors similar to the sun, which is why they are used to express hope, happiness, and fun. The tall flowers are long-lasting, too, making them a great flower to symbolize longevity, loyalty, and eternity. Sunflowers can be mixed with other romantic flowers such as Roses, Stargazers, and Gerberas for an impressive Valentine’s Day bouquet. If you are sending your wife, girlfriend, or lady a bouquet of Sunflowers on Valentine’s Day, you are also sending good and positive vibes.