7 Best Alternative to Poinsettias for Christmas Day Flower

For the most part, we know poinsettias to be noted for their red and green foliage. These colours are commonly used in characteristic Christmas Flower exhibitions. However, some people have become a little jaded because lure and appeal seems to have vanished from these splendid flowers. As the years roll by, people have become all the time more fascinated by the idea of using non-traditional plants for the break. Some of these remarkable modern substitutes to poinsettias are :

  1. Anthuriums: They have shiny green leaves and radiant flowers that give you a tropical atmosphere. Anthuriums are to a certain extent, the statement plants. In addition to this, their colour is lasts for a long time. They are easy to tend to, and they last way beyond the classic poinsettias. The Anthurium Smalltalk is a dense variation as it produces red blooms en masse all year round which spice up the traditional setting. However, the white type of blooms give a more modern expression and can easily enrich any décor.
  2. Azaleas: In their thousands, these evergreen flowers are transported during Christmas periods, showing just how popular they are. They are particularly great for horticulturists who do not have an acidic soil. The Indian Azalea is choice in many places. The elegant blooms of the Indian azalea last for many weeks. To ensure they look their finest, choose a cool spot with sufficient lighting, while also making sure that the manure never becomes dry. Countless florist Singapore companies dispatch many white and red azaleas throughout Christmas.
  3. Cyclamen: They are widely held as bedding plants for this time of the year. Their flowers take time to open, but the foliage is a lovely sight to behold. The delicate beauties come in a variety of colours, from white to deep purple. Note however that, oftentimes gardeners may struggle with them, because they have a tendency to turn black and fall within a short time frame if they do not have the optimum conditions. Do not over water them or leave them in places that are warm and dark. Water them from the bottom; do this by standing the container in water.
  4. Christmas cactus: They are perennial houseplants, which bloom year after year. They provide a burst of vivid colours and craft a sultry atmosphere during the harsh and cold winter weather. Their flowers emerge from branching and arching stems which are serrated. They are seen in white, red, purple or pink colours. It is advisable to water them at the level of their roots. Pour water into the base you are resting the pot in and water thoroughly when the compost begins to dry out. Generally, between November and January ending, is when they are usually at their peak, depending on the hybrid. They can be placed in open-air in the summer, in a place that provides shade to it.
  5. Bromeliads: Guzmania bromeliads bring forth red stalk which follow the colour theme for the season. The plants have protracted leaves that diverge from a commonplace. Guzmania types usually tower over any of the other bromeliad types. They should be kept indoors. They last for a long time, bring that modern feel that you are looking for, and would inspire as a perfect substitute for poinsettias. Note that cats love to eat them, so keep away from cats! Neoregelias are bromeliads that can serve as a good-looking underplanting.
  6. Amaryllis: Large flowers that assume the shape of a trumpet are the package here. They are also as brightly coloured as poinsettia plants. They bloom within 6-9 weeks of planting. They also come in an assortment of colours, so you have other options apart from the regular red. They are also dual coloured, making the different combinations not only sophisticated but also elegant. Imagine how the half orange half white flower would look.


Though, these flowers are costlier than average when bought from a nursery, they last long and do not require much attention to maintain. This makes them good investments. Aside from looking decent in a pot or container, they also look graceful on your dinner table and on any other space where you put them. Prune and water them just the way you would do for other plants.

  1. Dwarf citrus plants: These plants are not only captivating but also perfectly fit for patio containers and other much smaller containers. They naturally make very good holiday gifts. They are very useful for limited and indoor settings.

Some of the varieties bloom continuously all year round, while the others only bloom during Christmas. Indonesian kind of limes are specifically well-known indoor environment options. Furthermore, atypical types of dwarf citrus like Citrus junos, mandarin, and the Philippine lime are fancy options. The demand for edible plants is in fashion and this always makes the dwarf citrus plant an amazing contemporary alternative for your holiday this year.

While some people may want to uphold the traditional practice of using the poinsettia, many others seek for a world away from the regular poinsettia. These fresh and new alternatives can meet your changing indoor and outdoor plant needs, and help you decide which is best for you. No matter the beautiful bloom you choose, ensure you enjoy every bit of it.

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