BADDEST 8 Flowers With Negative Meanings

How to Insult Someone in Flower Language

Flowers are given to express love, affection, appreciation, and even regards. Usually, offering flowers is always positive and lightens anyone’s mood with their beautiful blooms, color, and scent. However, did you know that you can also give flowers to someone you dislike? Did you know that flower language can also give off a negative message and even insult someone in the process? Well, there are indeed flowers that bear deeper and negative meaning if given to an ex-lover, hater, or even someone you want to with negative meanings

We have listed down a few flowers that you may want to avoid if you want to impress someone or give the bouquet to a relative or a friend. On the other hand, if you do have someone in mind that may deserve receiving such, then go ahead and list down the flowers we are about to show you:


  1. Buttercups

Buttercups are small yellow blooms that florists usually avoid adding in flower arrangements. It is because buttercups are a symbol of childishness and being playful that usually causes chaos and misunderstanding. If you have a friend or a relative you may think to be quite playful and disrespectful during gatherings, add a little touch of buttercups to symbolize your annoyance to that person and how you just want them to grow up.


  1. Yellow Carnations

Carnations are a popular choice of flower not only in arrangements but also if given as a simple bundle. However, you might want to steer away from the yellow ones as these have a negative meaning compared to its other more popular counterparts like white and pink. Yellow carnations are a symbol of rejection and disregard. If you want to insult someone by showing them that you reject their idea or even a statement they have claimed in the past, yellow carnations might be your best bet.


  1. Petunias

Petunias come in different vibrant colors and are indeed populous in several gardens due to their long flowering period. However, even if petunias look very bright and tempting, giving them to a person might result to a cat fight. Why? Because these flowers symbolize anger and deep resentment! This symbolism can really be ironic to how delicate and colorful petunias are, but we kid you not. If you plan on setting up a flower arrangement, this is one you must skip.


  1. Black roses

A rose is the main symbol of love. Through many ages, it has withstood a lot of generations and is still the number one flower for lovers and even friends and family. However, you might want to go to the obvious choices like white and red as black roses represent death and illness. If you think you might have someone who you wish the worst luck, then go ahead and order black roses and leave it at their doorstep. They will surely feel insulted and betrayed.


  1. Begonia

Begonias looks very delicate and can easily grow in tropical areas. Their colorful blooms look very inviting and no one would ever think that these tiny flowers can mean bad. Begonias are a symbol of deep thinking and potential neglect. If you have a lover who has always cared for you, but you do not like them to go more than friends, then giving them a begonia might give them a piece of their own mind. Declining to maybe a proposal or an idea is the number one impression of these flowers, so you better watch out if you really want to say yes.


  1. Tansies

Tansies dotted almost the whole North America years ago due to their inclination to changing weather. They were not a favorite as they look very simple and did not make too much impression. However, tansies became a source of medication in Europe for a while. They were also used in the culinary. However, if you want to create a flower arrangement filled with tansies and give it to an adversary or maybe an enemy perhaps, then you are declaring war. Tansies symbolize war and hate and is a perfect gift to an enemy who has given you too much headache and problems for years.


  1. Butterfly weeds

From the term itself, butterfly weeds are very popular in many wide gardens as they serve as a pollen hub for butterflies. If you want to attract more butterflies and helpful insects in your garden, having a few pots of these will make that possible. However, did you know that their orange color can also mean an insult? If you are currently in a failing relationship and you want your partner to know that you want to call it quits, then giving them a bouquet of butterfly weeds will symbolize that exact message. However, if your relationship is doing well on the other hand, then better get away from this flower and choose a rose instead.


  1. Cyclamens

These pretty flowers have a really beautifully patterned foliage and an intricate petal design that may attract a lot of people during the wintertime where they grow a lot. However, you might want to avoid giving cyclamens to your partner as they symbolize farewell and good riddance. If you have broken up a relationship with someone, giving them cyclamens can mean farewell in a negative way. If someone left you to choose other people, then give them a basket of cyclamens for them to know your stand and ill-feelings.


There you have it! Giving flowers to an enemy or someone you hate might look and sound weird, but it really gets the purpose going and the message sent. Just pick any of these flowers and you might be receiving the same as well from that very significantly irritating person. Just remember to safely look out for these flowers if you do not intend to send hate and insult. Go for the more common ones like red roses or colorful mums. What are you waiting for? Go give that enemy a flower they deserve!