[2021] Buying Guide for Funeral & Sympathy Flowers

Sending flowers for a funeral is an age-old tradition. This is because flowers have been considered a symbol of the cycle of life and death- they wither one year, and yet bloom again in all their beauty the next season. It signifies nature’s way of moving forward. Paying a tribute with funeral flowers signifies respect for the soul which has just passed away.


Today, flowers are used in funerals to show respect and empathy to the family and to put the feeling of condolences into words. It also creates a sense of beauty and warmth in the otherwise heavy atmosphere which lingers during a funeral.


Hence, choosing the right flowers for the funeral is essential.


The kind of flowers which are chosen during a funeral is often determined by the relationship one shared with the deceased. On the other hand, flower arrangements should be ordered depending on how the flowers are going to be used during the funeral.


Funeral crosses or casket sprays are usually selected by those who are making the preliminary arrangements for the funeral. If the funeral has been organized with a theme or a special color in mind, the color of the flowers plays a big role in setting the arrangement in place.


There is a wide range of flowers you can choose from if you want to pay a tribute to the deceased. There are flower types which can suit all kinds of budget. Some of them are as follows:


  • Posies and Baskets: These are available in a wide range of traditional designs. However, the flowers are such that they can also be given a contemporary twist. If you knew the person well and were familiar with his or her tastes, you can order one of the more modern arrangements. Or else, you can keep things simple and traditional. The Posy is a circular flower, with the foliage well displayed from all angles. Any kind of arrangement goes well with them.


  • Funeral Spray: These flowers are a go-to when it comes to expressing sympathy. Sprays come in both single as well as double-ended design, with the latter often being referred to as casket sprays. They are traditionally used to adorn the casket and they look beautiful because the foliage can cover a large space, like the top of the casket. They come in several colors, shapes, and designs so you can have your pick. Lilies are frequently used to adorn the caskets as well.


  • Tied Sheaf: If you are more of a bouquet person, you can send the ‘tied sheaf’. They come in beautiful arrangements and are a great alternative to the other mundane cellophane-paper wrapped bouquets. They are perfect if you want to send traditional flowers with a personal note. They can be safely delivered without any petals ruffled even if you cannot make it to the funeral.



  • Wreaths: Floral condolence wreath invoke a sense of solemnity and if you truly want to give a heartfelt tribute, then, this is the best choice. They are made in an ornate, circular design, and are considered great markers of showing respect. A wreath of beautiful white flowers of any kind will surely stand out. Chrysanthemums are a great choice. Nowadays, a lot of new patterns have evolved when it comes to arranging flowers on a wreath, so you can have your pick from both traditional and contemporary designs.


  • Floral Hearts: Like the wreaths, the floral hearts are an expression of the love you bore for the person who just passed away. If you want to keep the heart slightly informal but yet dignified, using carnations to go on the heart-shaped formation is a good choice. You can also request flowers in multi-colors to go on the heart.


  • Funeral Crosses: The funeral crosses made from flowers are given by those who had very deep and sentimental feelings for the recently deceased. Gladioli are often chosen to go on the cross. They are markers of a somber mood and the funeral crosses are mostly given during very formal funerals. Or when someone aged has passed away, as the head of the family.


Sometimes, the funeral flowers you send can also be paired with another item to make your tribute look more wholesome and heartfelt.

  • Cushions: Sending cushions or pillows is a great idea. They signify eternal peace and comfort. They are especially handcrafted and comes in all shapes and sizes, though the satin ones are always the most gifted.


  • Letter Tribute: On the other hand, nothing can replace a good heartfelt, handwritten letter. A letter tribute is the highest respect you can show for the person you loved so much. A note, written with love and full of wonderful anecdotes about the deceased person, with a bouquet of white and yellow roses, is the ultimate tribute you can send to a bereaved family. They will surely appreciate your warm gesture.


  • Live Plants: If you are not a bouquet person, or if you want your contribution to bear meaning, you can also gift a plant to the family. Flower plants like orchids are a good idea. They will remind the family of the beautiful presence the person once had in their lives. If you want to keep things less formal, you can also choose something as sweet and simple as a daffodil.


  • Vase Arrangement: Instead of a traditional bouquet, you can also choose a vase arrangement for the funeral. The good thing is that instead of choosing one or two flowers, you can pick an assortment of flowers to go into the vase. The vase itself could become a keepsake for the family after the funeral. You can pick from lilies, various colors of roses, gladioli, and even larger flowers like white dahlias to make a statement vase arrangement.


Choosing the flowers for a funeral can be a very personal and emotional experience. But when you lay your eyes on the right flowers, you will instinctively know what to choose. That would be the ultimate tribute for the person with whom you shared a meaningful relationship.