Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas 2021 [UPDATED]

15 Easy Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas You’ll Need In 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 is almost approaching. It is time for the traditional festivities once again. For the year 2020, the Chinese zodiac celebrates the year of the rat. Being celebrated in the whole world, it is definitely one of the important and significant holidays for more than 20% of the people in the world. Here are 15 easy Chinese New Year Decoration ideas you will need for this 2020:

Singapore Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas

  • Calendar – You will definitely need a new calendar. To make your new calendar more useful, get one that has prints and designs that symbolize good fortune. This will be useful for the whole year.
  • Wardrobe – For your dress on New Year and even for the entire year, you may want to follow the feng shui principles which combine and harmonize colors or the element fire and metal element. White, gold, red, orange, pink, and brown are the top choices for the colors.
  • Feng Shui – For a prosperous and increased the positivity new year of 2020, you will need some Feng Shui tips in decorating your homes and offices. You may need to rearrange and re-design some areas of your homes and office to multiply success.
  • Lucky Food – According to Chinese Feng Shui, fire and metal foods are important for the year 2020. Potatoes and tomatoes, eggplants, red pepper, white onion, white radish, strawberries and pineapples are some of the many lucky foods for the year of the rat.
  • Lucky Colors – Another idea that you need for the year 2020 are the lucky colors of red, orange, gold, pink, white, and brown, which represent or symbolize the fire and metal element.
  • New Pair of Slippers – According to the Chinese tradition, buying a new pair of slippers for everyone in the household is essential. It has been believed that putting away the old slippers will also stop the negative vibes, especially gossiping of people against you.
  • House Cleaning – Another necessary thing to do is to clean the house before the festivity starts for 2020 Chinese New Year. Chinese people make it a point that everything, from top to bottom is clean and spotless.
  • Prosperous Orchid Plant – This is one of the best Chinese New Year Decoration ideas. Get an elegant Phalaenopsis Orchid delivery from a reputable flower delivery company. These orchids are sure to brighten the CNY celebration in any space.
  • Symbolic objects – You will need the eight Chinese gold coins or a wu lou.
  • Paintings on walls – For the Chinese New Year, you will need to place paintings on walls.
  • Couplets – The Chinese New Year couplets can be kept for the whole year on the doorposts for continued good luck.
  • Gold Ingots – The long and curved-up gold shaped like a boat is a holiday centerpiece but can be kept for the whole year to influence wealth and prosperity.

  • Fai Chun Banners – The red banners contain calligraphic characters printed in black or gold ink. Posting these banners brings good luck wishes.
  • Flowers – Fresh or made from paper or silk, Chinese New Year flowers are essential for the Chinese lunar celebrations.
  • Kumquat TreesKumquat Live Trees stand for good wealth and health, this tree is very important in the celebration.