What is the Difference Between Flower Arrangement and Hand Bouquet?

In most cases, people get confused between a flower arrangement and a hand bouquet. The majority of the people call a flower arrangement a bouquet and a bouquet is confused with the flower arrangement.

In this blog, I will tell you about the main difference between a bouquet and a flower arrangement and every other thing that you need to know. So just keep reading the blog.


What is a Bouquet?

A bouquet is basically a group of different flowers that are first selected and then they are arranged into a specific style and design and it depends on personal choice to add foliage or to make the bouquet without including any leaves in it.

All the flowers are chosen on the basis of their color and fragrance and then they are shaped into a design and later bound together and wrapped in a beautiful and decorative paper.

It is a general perception that a bouquet is basically given to a person who may not have a vessel or vase to place the flowers.

The recipient of the bouquet is required to cut the green stems and flowers after every second day and also to sprinkle water on the flowers in order to keep them fresh for a few days.

These are designed in a way that they can easily be fit into a vase without untying and separating all the flowers from each other hence the design and also the shape of the bouquet will remain the same.


What are the benefits of giving bouquets?

There are many benefits to buying bouquets as compared to any other floral arrangement. In most of cases clients want to go for flowers that are light on their pocket so if you are also one of them then you must go for bouquets because in this way you will not waste your money on any container or vase.

If you buy bouquet then you will receive more flowers as it is quite easy for the florist to put them together as compared to the floral arrangement.

The bouquet is easy to carry which means that you will not waste any more cash on delivery you can deliver it on your own. Also in the case of bouquets, the flowers will stay fresh for a longer period if they are taken care of properly.

However, there are some cons of giving bouquets as well; the flowers are a little bit tighter and that is why they do not present the same styling offer than the ones that are arranged in a vase.

So the recipient has to do extra work to unwrap them and organize them in a vase but having said that there are people out there who really enjoy organizing flowers in a vase or container and it is quite therapeutic for them. So if your recipient is one of them then you are doing a favor for them.

But there are some occasions where it is not wise to send bouquets like in case of sympathy or you want to congratulate someone on the birth of their new one. As their hands are already full so by sending flower bouquets you are adding another extra task in their already hectic day. So on such occasions, it is wise to go for flower arrangements or vase arrangements.


What is a flower arrangement?

Floral or flower arrangement is basically a group of different flowers that are designed and organized into a vase or a container. All the flowers are basically organized and arranged in moist floral foam which holds moisture just like a sponge.

As part of the design the florist will also include leaves and greenery as a part of the design and also to hide the working of the florist.

Although flower arrangements are a bit expensive as compared to simple bouquets but it greatly depends on the design and the type of flowers chosen.

Flower arrangements generally take more time so it is better to order them way before than the actual date so that you get them on time without any delay.

The best thing about these flower arrangements is that they come in various shapes and sizes so if you don’t like any style or design and have a design in your mind then you can easily ask the florist to make one for you exclusively.


What are the benefits of flower arrangements?

The best thing about flower arrangement is these are ready-made gifts which means that the recipient is not needed to know about floral design.

These make great and most attractive centerpieces for dining tables. Along with that, these are best for sympathies and you can easily take them with you to hospitals to visit a patient.

The fresh material that is present inside the arrangement does not have to be cut or unwrapped and even the containers don’t have to be cleaned at all.

The only con of flower arrangements in a vase or container is that you need to arrange a proper space in your room to place it where it will look good and freshen up the whole space.

I hope that now you know the basic difference between a bouquet and a flower arrangement. Always remember that a bouquet is best fit to hold in hand and a floral arrangement will look good in a vase.

So next time if someone asks you about the main difference or you want to gift someone a flower gift know the difference between the two and then choose the gift!!!