Different Flowers Convey Different Meanings

Flowers of every color and also shape are pretty and gorgeous and they make the perfect gifts to your loved ones. Whether its birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers will never fail to bring a smile on your loved one’s face.

But do you know that each flower is used to signify a unique meaning so before you finalize any specific flower for your loved one you need to know the meaning behind them?

It is completely understandable that it’s not always possible to know the meaning behind each bloom so in this blog I will tell about the meaning behind some very popular and common flowers.

So let’s get into that!!



This beautiful pinkish flower signifies friendship, fortune and also devotion. The good thing about this flower is that it comes in various colors including yellow, purple, red, orange and also white.

These can even be found in rare colors like grape purple or royal ones. These are normally freckled as well as two-toned which gives further depth as well as interest.

In the case of Alstroemeria one stem has four flowers with some needle-like greenery or leaves which adds the much-needed volume as well as color.



This specific flower is used to represent determination, pride and also radiant and attractive beauty. The word amaryllis is a Greek word that means to shine. These flowers are used in the holidays especially during Christmas as centerpieces.

This flower signifies fine beauty it is used to show value that is pure and beyond any beauty.




These are often famous for being wildflowers and they are used to symbolize eagerness or expectation and the positive thing that is linked with this flower is that it is believed to bring luck or fortune to any person or household.

These are also used in wedding venues and also in bridal bouquets because these are famous to protect the bride from any evil eye.

These are found in many colors like pink, red, blue and also purple. The flowers are paired with other flowers in order to make striking floral arrangements.



These are heart-shaped flowers and they are used to symbolize kindness, hospitality and also love. These flowers are waxy in appearance and they can be found in six different shades. Anthurium can be paired with flowers like roses, Protea, and also Orchids.



This is also called false spirea or feather flower. These send out the message that I will be waiting for you or I will always wait and love you. These beautiful blooms symbolize dedication, wait, and patience.

The flowers of Astilbe look quite soft and delicate but at the same time, these are also very hard. These blooms grow from a strong greenish stem just above the green and airy foliage.

Every stem has a feather-like branch that further has various tiny flowers which results in beautiful and attractive soft blooms. These flowers are found in many different shades including pink, red and also white.



This beautiful flower signifies enthusiasm and also excitement and they were named after Charles Bouvard who was also the owner of royal garden in Paris France.

The flowers are present in small cluster form and they are shaped like stars on soft branches these are available in different shades like red, peach, pink and also white. These are also called as pink luck or royal katty.


Bird of paradise

As the name itself suggest this unique flower is used to signify joy, happiness and positivity. It is also used to represent faithfulness, love and thoughtfulness.

It has hard beak like part which is called spathe and this part makes it look like bird’s head and beak. When this flower is completely blossomed it shows three radiant orange along with three radiant bluish petals.


Calla lilies

This named originates from Greek word that means beauty and it is a cultural sign of marriage and it is normally used to signify major changes in life.

It shows divine beauty and white lilies signify purity, innocence and honesty altogether and that is why these beautiful flowers are mostly used in weddings.

These are found in many shades like yellow, white, purple, orange and even red.



Just like roses in which each color shows a different meaning carnation also has a different meaning for every color or shade.

These flowers are used to signify beauty along with pride. Red carnations are used to show pride, love and also admiration. While the pink ones are used to show love for women and for mothers. White carnation shows purity and honesty and that is why these are also used in bridal bouquets.



This unique flower is used to symbolize simple affection and love. These are popular because of their unusual style and texture.



This is quite a cheerful flower and it represents joy, optimism, long life and also loyalty. These are popularly known as mums and these are fun flowers that can send out the message of loyalty, cherished friendship as well as hope.

These are not only long-lasting flowers but they are also very cost-efficient and need really little to no care.


Corn flowers

These are well known for their striking blue color. The flower has a ball-shaped central part with delicate petals around the eye and they vary in size from each other.

Legends has it that these blooms were used by only those young men who were in love with a woman but the fun fact was if the love is reciprocated the flower would be fresh and radiant however if the love wasn’t returned then it would change color and die in no time.