What are different types of flowers ideal for flower arrangements?

Though there are thousands of flowers, it has been noticed that only a handful of them serve the purpose of flower arrangements. The types of flowers mentioned below will offer you the best floral arrangement and will soon become your go-to list for every occasion. All of us love flowers as they symbolize different human emotions. Using different types of flowers, we can make several floral arrangements that can be gifted to friends and families during an occasion or use them o decorate your home.


Below are mentioned different flower types that are ideal for flower arrangement.


Garden Roses:

Regular roses are much different when compared to garden roses. Many people dislike regular roses, but when it comes to garden roses, the whole scenario changes. Garden roses are available in a large variety to choose from. There are several colors you can choose or mix them all up for a perfect. Garden roses serve perfect for making floral arrangements as they stay fresh for longer and have a sweet smell.


Garden roses are packed with petals, so it has the best accent among all the flowers. You can choose from a wide list of colors and create a combination to make the best garden roe flower arrangement.



you can find Peonies in various colors, but coral and pink salmon peonies are the best floral arrangement. Finding peonies is not that easy as it is available only in seasons, and being high in demand, the stock empty faster. The white, light pink, fuchsia, and burgundy peonies serve best for flower arrangements. You can create a wildflower bouquet using a combination of several flowers with peonies.

You can create beautiful peonies, flower centerpiece, or bouquet arrangements. Pairing peonies with simple traditional flowers can be used for wedding flower arrangements. Ensure the peonies have white blooms for the best results.


King Protea:

King Protea is huge in size, and when you are using it to make a flower arrangement, you can settle with fewer flowers as they are going to occupy a lot of the space. The regular-sized Protea is still smaller than King Protea and is advised to be used in various flower arrangements. They are fun for making flower arrangements having a tropical vibe. You can create an interesting bouquet using King Protea and different types of flowers that go along well for the best results.



If you are looking forward to making a centerpiece flower arrangement, then ranunculus is the flower you should opt for, along with other flower types that go along well. They also act as a filler flower for large flower arrangements and act as the show’s starter in smaller bouquets.


Ranunculus has smaller blooms that come with a unique texture. Their small size and unique bloom make them fit with any flowers for creating flower arrangements. Peonies, garden roses, tulips, and dahlias go great with ranunculus offering you an excellent flower arrangement.


Blue Tweedia:

The blue color is fascinating and goes pretty well with any flower arrangement. The Blue Tweedia, because of its blue color, is a top list for flower arrangements. Among all the types of flowers in Singapore, the Blue Tweedia is very popular and serves best for different types of flower arrangements.


Blue Tweedia has a sweet and very delicate bloom making it perfect for the bride, and the arrangements with some greenery around offer the perfect combination for wedding ceremonies. The blue Tweedia mixes well with pink color flowers and a bit of garden arrangement.


Double Bloom and Parrot Tulip:

Tulips are trendy flowers, and the parrot tulips and double bloom tulips serve best for flower arrangements. Both of the tulips are ideal flowers and go well with several other flowers and leaves for creating fascinating flower arrangements.

Blue flowers go very well with tulips. Flowers such as bluebell and Hyacinthoides go perfectly with tulip flower arrangements. Using a small white crate, you can display your tulip floe arrangement—the soft pink, purple, and white complement the white crate giving the flower arrangement a distinct look.



Scabiosa is a go filler flower in any flower arrangement as it can go well with any flowers and is used universally. When used in a flower arrangement, the flower has its own vibe and gives it a new life altogether. You can find scabiosa in any ideal flower shop as they are used in all flower arrangements.


You can create a flower arrangement using scabiosa and natural flowers in blue, purple, and red for the best results.



Lilac has the best texture and smell and goes pretty well with almost all flower arrangements. Lilac should be cut very precisely to serve as flower arrangements. You can create a beautiful flower arrangement using lilac and white rose or create a bouquet using just lilac flowers for the best results.


Monstera leaves and Philodendron:

There are many advantages of using these two flowers for flower arrangement. Both Monstera leaves, and Philodendron flowers last very long and produce a minimal effect that is pleasing to the eye. Ensure you keep the water fresh and keep cutting the stem when required for the best results. Philodendron serves as a great centerpiece flower arrangement. You can add succulents to philodendron flowers to complement your room.


Silver Sage Fern:

Silver sage fern is one of the most unique looking flowers, which look like an art piece, and no one would ever dislike this flower species. Silver sage fern can be used for centerpiece flower arrangements coupled with creamy peonies, rose flowers, and green leaves. Silver sage fern can be used in different flower arrangements, as it looks good with all and can be gifted for several occasions.



There are several flower arrangements such as fan-shaped, vertical, horizontal, oval, triangular, crescent, and many more. All these flower arrangements can be created using combinations of flower kinds mentioned above. The main purpose of flower arrangements is to gift someone during occasions or decorate home and workplace. Using the above flowers mentioned, one could create beautiful flower arrangements for almost all occasions or use them to decorate their home.