How can you Save on Graduation Flowers?

Flowers on graduation day are a wonderful way to celebrate the event. However, fresh flowers, especially those that are arranged in elegant and glamorous designs, can be so pricey. Fortunately, there are ways to afford these expensive flowers on graduation day. When you send graduation flowers, there is no need to pay expensive prices on flowers and delivery. You can send the most beautiful graduation bouquets and save on the cost of flowers by following these simple steps:


·       Apply Discount Codes

There are times that the florists offer promo codes, flower coupons, and discount codes. Some florists love to shower their customers with these codes on a monthly basis to pay them back for continuous patronage and to encourage more purchases. If you are looking for affordable graduation flowers, don’t hesitate to ask the florists for the discount or promo codes. There is a 10% to 50% discount to take advantage of, especially on off-peak days. It is always helpful to communicate and chat with the florist before you place an order and send them to the celebrant.


·       Use Florist’s Vouchers

Graduation flowers can be more affordable when you sign up and use florist’s vouchers. Gift vouchers can be printed from the email they send, and you can use them when you place your orders online. Vouchers are one of the advantages of signing up or subscribing to the florist’s shop. Meanwhile, flower subscriptions can be a weekly delivery or monthly delivery, depending on your choice. You can have beautiful bouquets regularly that you can keep as interior decoration or send as a gift to a celebrant.


·       Look for Seasonal Blooms

Graduation flowers are at a low price if you will choose seasonal blooms. The costs of flowers often vary from time to time depending on what flowers are available. If you have a specific type of flowers in mind for that gorgeous graduation bouquet, there is a big possibility that they are highly-priced in the market on that month. If you are planning to send the graduate a glamorous bouquet on graduation day, look for seasonal blooms from your local florist.


·       Buy from A Local Flower Shop

Buying from a local flower shop is a way to spend less on graduation flowers. This is because there is no need to pay for delivery charges, which can be pricey, too if the seller is located from another region or country. Buying flowers from a local florist also avoids dealing with a middleman. You can get the flowers fresher and really get the bouquet as shown or as designed. More than that, you will receive priority customer service and assistance without paying extra charges.


·       Consider Buying In Bulk or Wholesale

If you are planning to send more than one graduation flower bouquet, it is best to consider buying flowers in bulk or in wholesale. You will save a lot on the cost of flowers when you buy them in bulk. Even if you want the florist to handle the arrangement, there is a big difference in price when you place an order for bulk flowers instead of placing orders for one bouquet per graduate.


·       Replace Costly Flowers with Cheap Ones

There are alternative flowers to expensive blooms. If you are sending graduation flowers to express your greetings, you don’t have to panic about the pricey Roses and Peonies. Your florist can give you Carnations, instead. Also, Stocks look appealing and attractive with other blooms, if you want to cut half of the Hydrangea blooms for the bouquet. Orchids can be replaced with Cherry Blossoms while Freesias are perfect instead of Gardenias. You can ask the florists for alternative flowers.


·       Choose Flowers with Big Blooms

Flowers with big blooms look stunning and impressive. You can save on cost if you will choose a few big heads for the graduation bouquet instead of having a dozen or two smaller blooms. You can count on the online florists to create a beautiful bouquet to make your flower gifts mover valuable and special to its recipient.


·       Avail Same-Day Flower Delivery

You will save a few dollars on graduation flowers if you will choose to avail of same-day flower delivery. Most of the florists in Singapore offer free same-day flower delivery. If you will place your order before the cut-off time, typically around 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, you can avail of the same-day delivery free of charge. Ask the florist for the delivery options and see which one works best to your advantage.


·       Choose a Florist that Offers Affordable Deals

It’s true that not all florists offer flowers for the same price. Some reputable florists offer affordable deals on flower bouquets, especially to frequent buyers. If you frequently buy flowers from a florist, don’t hesitate to ask the florist for deals and cheap prices. A professional florist knows which flowers and deals to recommend depending on your budget. You can never go wrong with the graduation flowers if you will entrust them to the florists, and this includes your budget.

Although not all flowers are priced the same, and most of them are expensive, there are ways to afford them for the graduation flowers. You can send the perfect and thoughtful gifts to someone graduating this month without spending a fortune. The tips mentioned above are sure to help you with your flower shopping, knowing that getting flowers on a budget is something that you will enjoy because it does not need to break your bank.

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