Does Aspirin Keep Flowers Fresh?

Flowers have become an all too common gift for many various occasions. They are given to show or express different sets of emotions, from happiness, to love and to sympathy or remorse. There are a lot of ways to express yourself with these simple and natural blooms, who would have thought nature had the best gift all along.

Not only are they beautiful, with vibrant colors and a wonderful smell, they are also available almost all the time for different seasons and occasions. This is why flowers have become a wildly popular gift and they even have their own language. Through the years, flowers have been there, used as decorations aside from gestures and gift-giving.

It is only natural for all of the people to want to keep these little beauties or to hold to them a little longer but naturally, hand bouquets or any type of flower arrangement cannot last long once you pull them off the ground. Some florists can provide you with flower preservatives to keep them fresh longer, but they would still not live forever, but maybe keeping them a little longer is possible.

Of course, you do not have to look so very far away or buy flower preservatives all the time from a professional local florist. You can keep your flowers fresh with natural and home remedies. There are many ways to keep them fresh using household items like apple cider or even coins. The most common and the most unbelievable type of home remedy is using Aspirin. Yes, Aspirin.

When you hear the word Aspirin you immediately think of headaches or some kind of pain you want to go away, never something to put inside your flower vase and definitely not something that would prolong their life. But this type of remedy has been tested and experimented by florists everywhere, even florists in Singapore where flowers seem to bloom all year long and sold all the time.

Studies have shown that aspirin has a lot of uses from recharging car batteries to restoring hair color, aspirin is the one for you. You can find how to use them for those different purposes on the internet but the way to use aspirin to keep your flowers fresh is very easy. You just need two or one aspirin, crush it and place it inside the vase with water before placing your flowers inside. Of course, this does not make your flowers love forever, just a couple more days. But this is one of the things you can use that you can easily buy anywhere or anytime. It is a good way to keep flowers fresh because flowers usually tend to be given as a surprise. Keep an aspirin ready just in case you receive flowers as gifts so you can keep them fresh once they are given to you.

Make sure to also change the water of your vase as this affects the freshness of your flowers too. Especially freshly cut flowers. Make sure to cut at least two or three inches off its stem before placing it in the vase as this helps the flowers take in more water and remove or cut the leaves that get submerged in the water to avoid bacterial growth that can easily ruin your flowers.

The next time you receive a bouquet of flowers and want to keep them because of their sentimental value place them in a vase filled with water and crushed aspirin. An easy and affordable way other than flower preservatives which you have to look for. It is the easiest way to keep flowers fresh and to make sure that you can easily keep it fresh and maintain the status quo as you change the water every now and again.

There are many other ways to keep flowers fresh that do not cause too much as buying flower preservatives that you can easily find on the web. These ways are very conventional and easy to do as most of them are household items that you can easily buy from the supermarket or find at home in the cupboards for those unexpected moments.

Make sure to keep your flowers fresh and vibrant as you decorate them around your house to display them to your guests or household members. Flowers can easily make any gloomy place or day brighter with their colors and smell but wilted ones or ones that are not properly taken care of do not look as beautiful or does not spark as much joy or vibrancy as live ones. You can also make the person who sent you the flowers happier with the fact that you took time and effort to preserve what was given to you as they see it at your house a week or weeks after still glowing and blooming with vibrant colors.

You can always buy aspirin anywhere if you run out of other things to use or are unable to find flower preservatives. This is why aspirin is one the top choices in trying to keep flowers fresh because they are easy to find, even in the most unexpected occasions. Let your inner flower person grow as you learn slowly the many easy and convenient ways in taking care of flowers and making sure that they stay fresh longer. You might even think of opening a flower shop anytime soon, so let your clients know this neat and easy trick to keep flowers fresh.