February, a month of love. Every month a person is born,  there is a flower associated with that month, and for the month of February, the flower is Violet. There are so many myths and legends associated with this tradition of birth months flowers and February is no exception.

There is a history behind why the flower Violet is chosen as the birth month flower for February. Going back in time to the Roman Empire, it was believed that the Romans were the people that took birthdays serious enough to celebrate it. So, the use of flowers for flower delivery was associated with these celebrations.

Violet, the Valentine’s Day flower?

In a typical Roman birthday celebration, friends and families would come together to be cheerful and merry together, and as they come along to celebrate with the celebrants,  they come along with all sorts of precious gifts like gemstones and they accompanied them with flowers, the violet was no exception. No wonder the violet is a traditional colour of royalty and it carries an atmosphere of the beauty of kings and queens who are mostly pictured with violets. Violets are unique and are way different from other flowers. Even in China, it is believed that the violet is used to signify the harmony of the universe because of the well-blended colour of yellow and blue.

This unique birth month flower violet is one of a kind because of their heart-shaped petals, no wonder violet history has a tradition that associated them to February, the month of love. What a wonder! Ancient Greek was the first to cultivate this awesome flower, although they have been around for centuries. The Greeks cultivated them to make herbal medicines out of them, perhaps they even made love portions out of it.

The violet flower has a lot of meaning attached to it, the violet symbolizes faithfulness, wisdom, and hope. When you give a violet flower hand bouquet to a person you care about, you are indirectly telling the person you would always be truthful to the person, what a nice way to confess truthfulness.

To some people, these vividly coloured flower violet symbolizes virtue, modesty and humility. Being born in February can be really wonderful because of the meanings attached to this lovely flower. It has been believed that people born in this month have posses the qualities of humility and honesty, clearly the qualities of their birth month.


The violet flower with the botanical name Viola sp has a lot of species (between 525-600 species). Some of these species especially the wild species are seen as weeds growing in the gardens especially in the Northern part of America. Some species of Viola are perennial, while some are annual, some are even small shrubs.


Different colours of violet and their meanings

The colours of Violet also varies from species to species, ranging from violet as in colour to different shades of blue, yellow, cream and white. Some are bicoloured like the blue and white violet. Violets are found growing abundantly everywhere lasting through most of spring and summer.

Violet, as we know now, varies from different shades of colours some are even bicoloured, and what is most fascinating is that every colour of the violet passes a unique message from the sender down to the receiver.

The violet coloured violet: this flower symbolizes faithfulness, so if you want to tell someone you would be faithful and truthful to the person, the violet coloured violet flower is just what you need.

 The blue-violet: this flower passes a message of virtue. The yellow Violet flowers pass a message of modesty, the cream violet flower passes a message of humility, and lastly, the white violet passes a message of taking chances.

Are violets just flowers;
Some violet is sweet to the tongue, and the young leaves are edible either raw or cooked, but they should not be taken in large doses, as they are used as a laxative. They are used for a variety of culinary such as decorating salad, similarly, they can also be used in a dessert. Some of the species of Violet add a sweet smelling savour, like vanilla flavour, pea flavour and so on. When this is added to your dessert,  or fruit salad or tea, just makes them stand out uniquely.

Violet is also used by many perfumeries to make so many unique perfumes. The most popular species of violet used is the Viola odorata. The Viola odorata is used as a source for a scent by most perfume factory. The Viola odorata has the ability to numb our sense of smell that when we perceive the smell of the Viola odorata we would not be able to perceive any other smell until our nerves recover. So, Viola odorata is said to have a flirty scent as the fragrance comes and goes. Ionone is the active compound that is present in the Viola odorata that numbs our sense of smell for a while.

There is also a group of violet that is scentless,  they belong to the genus called the dog violet, and they are the most common violet found in most areas. Generally, Violet is most popular among the eastern part of the United State of America. People often confuse African violets with true violets, but the truth is that they are not the same, they vary from each other in many ways. For example, African violets are shallow rooted flowers that grow as houseplants, but the true violets are deep-rooted and they flourish outdoors. Also, the African violets have about five petals with fleshy leaves which produces throughout the summer, but on the contrary, the true violets have smooth leaves that are a bit hairy and their flowers produce between September and March, and most especially true violet can thrive in cold weather.

So, why not give a violet to someone special to you? Or perhaps someone you really care about is about to celebrate the birth month February? A violet can come in handy at moment like this just to let them know that you would always be there for them. You could even also give one to yourself, and use it to decorate your apartment giving it that luxurious touch.