How to Market the Flower Shop in Singapore?

Are you aware of the flower market in Singapore? If you are a florist and you want to grow your business, it is paramount that you know the huge competition around the floral market. Putting up a flower shop and wait for the customers to come in is not enough. You will need to do more to ensure that the business will become profitable and growing.  Through clever marketing solutions that are specifically designed for your type of business, you can achieve the goals you set. If you want to market the flower shop you own and run in Singapore, here’s a list of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies:


·        Understand Why Marketing is Necessary

Why do you need to market flower shop? Unless you understand the reasons why it will be impossible to achieve success. To attract and engage customers, promote your products, and create brand awareness are among the reasons why you need an effective marketing solution. Your goal here is to make the flower shop visible and one that your customers remember whenever they need flowers. You may need to spend an amount of money on this, but in return, it will make your florist business successful.


·        Use Social Media

Whether you are operating online or offline, make use of social media to market the florist business. Your social media pages are one of the best platforms to utilize, especially if you want to update your current customers and potential customers about existing offers and discounts. With your personal account or business account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can easily and cost-efficiently post content regularly for free. Aside from written content, attractive pictures and engaging videos can also be posted on social media pages to keep the page active.  New and fresh content will attract more customers.


·        Build a Trustworthy Brand

It takes a lot of effort to build an image that the public will trust. However, building a brand is essential to reach the florist market and to grow the florist business. Branding may simply start with a logo. It should be unique in design and color so that it will draw the customer’s attention. Once customers see your brand image or logo, they buy because of what the brand stands for. With your brand image, you convey to customers your strong statement. Brand image matters for the growth of the business.


·        Maximize Web Design

An improved web design yields a higher bounce rate. Website traffic is not a guarantee that visits are converted into purchases. If you want high conversion rate and more sales, make the most out of your web design. You can optimize your website for conversions, add social share buttons, use font and colors strategically, and use unique images. There are professional digital marketing experts who can help you with cost-efficient web design tips. Also, don’t be afraid to consider hiring an expert if it will do your website such a good and yielding improvement.


·        Send Emails to Customers and Subscribers

Email marketing is an effective way to a market florist and floral products. Invite customers and visitors to sign up for a newsletter or to subscribe to your blog. By doing so, you will be to send them emails for special offers, promos, and the introduction of new products. You can also share with them your latest designs or achievements. If you are giving out coupons for discounts on peak day sales, your customers will be happy to know the details. Sending emails to customers and subscribers is a personal way of showing them your appreciation.


·        Give Freebies with Every Purchase

The old traditional way of marketing strategy is to offer a small free gift every time the buyer buys a product. A keychain with your logo or brand image, a calendar with a catalog of your signature designs, or a pen with your florist business name on it is an example of ideal freebies to promote the florist shop. You can think of useful little things to offer to your customers, not only to express your gratitude for their continued patronage but also to make the brand visible to other people as well. Moreover, don’t forget to print your business name and contact details clearly on each giveaway item.


·        Work Together with Other Local Businesses

Flowers are essential in any wedding and event. You can choose a local bridal salon or event company in the community or city that you can work with. You can backlink their site on your content and they will do the same for your florist shop. Also, both of you can post the collaboration on your social media pages to cross-promote your products. Let your fans and followers know the activities by giving them fresh photos and videos of your collaboration projects. Their comments, whether good or bad, will create a way to make your brand visible.


·        Host a Workshop or Event at Your Flower Shop

Workshops about flower care, flower arrangement, or flower gardening attract more people to your shop. You can make each floral workshop or event work to your advantage by discussing the benefits of flowers. Decorate your shop with impressive floral designs and allow their curiosity to spark. Tour them around the shop and let them see how flowers can turn a boring space into a fresher and livelier one. Don’t forget to distribute your business cards to each participant and invite them to connect and follow your social media accounts.