Why Flowers Are Your Best Gift for Romance?

If you are in the hunt for the perfect anniversary gift, birthday gift, or simply just a present to give your special someone, search no more. The best gift for someone you love is something that shows effort. It can be anything that means something personal to your loved one. The price of the gift does not matter as long as it shows how much you love your significant other and how much you think about them.  Flowers are very commonly used as a romantic gift and here is why:

Flowers as a Perfect Romantic Gift

  • A flower for every occasion

No matter what the occasion is, there is surely a flower for you. There are lots of flowers in different colors and each of them represents a specific message. You may not be able to put your emotion and love into words, but the perfect flower can convey your message right away.

  • Flowers can be personalized to your loved one’s preferences

Flowers can be more than just flowers if you personalize them according to your lover’s preferences. Most people have favorite flowers. So, you should select his or her favorite flowers and arrange them in a bouquet. These flowers will surely be heartwarming for your loved one.

  • They come at an affordable price

Flowers come at different prices but most of them are affordable. If you want your bouquets professionally done by a florist, it might cost a little bit more but nothing too expensive. However, if your budget is tight, you do not have to worry. You can just buy your flowers from the market and arrange them yourself. There are a lot of tutorials available online. This way, you get to save more money and make your gift a little more personal.

  • Flowers can serve as great decor

Since flowers are visually appealing, they will not go to waste after all the gift-giving. After you give them to your loved one, he or she can still make use of it by displaying it in a room. Flowers can instantly lift the mood inside any space and they add color and life into a room. If your significant other enjoys scrapbooking or journaling, he or she can also dry the flowers from the arrangement and use it in art crafts later on.

How to Choose Flowers to Give as Gifts?

There are no strict instructions or standards in choosing the flowers you will give to your special someone because every flower is beautiful. However, here are some things you might want to think about if you want your bouquet to be extra special:

  • Choose flowers that symbolize what you feel for that person

Flowers are not just pretty plants. They also carry different meanings. Different flowers signify different things. So, when choosing your flowers, choose those that represent your feelings for your significant other.

For example, carnations are flowers that signify love and affection. You might want to consider that as a choice. You can look up different flowers and their meanings on the internet. You will surely find ones that truly represent what you feel.

  • Go for fresh flowers

Nobody likes wilting flowers because they smell and their petals are dry and less pleasing to the eyes. So, consider getting freshly picked flowers instead. They will last longer and will look better than older flowers.

  • Pick a color

Select a color that is vibrant and is pleasing to the eyes. You can also choose your lover’s favorite color, it is up to you. It is also important to note that a flower can change its meaning based on its color.

Different Romantic Flowers

There are various flowers that you can choose from. Some flowers may or may not be available in your area due to the climate. Nonetheless, some flowers are generally considered romantic and are commonly used as gifts.

  • Red roses

Red roses are the most commonly used flower for romance. Although roses come in a selection of colors, red ones signify everlasting love. It is normal to see red roses in bouquets during Valentines’ Day as these flowers are a classic.

  • Carnations

Carnations generally represent admiration and love. However, the meaning can differ slightly in each color variation. White carnations signify pure love while pink ones are considered as emblems of admiration.  You can also get carnations in other colors.

  • Lilies

Lilies come in a variety of colors and kinds, but no matter how diverse these flowers can be they are considered as a classic in a traditional bouquet. They are vibrant, playful, and pleasing to the eyes. If you think your significant other prefers big and fresh flowers, lilies are the way to go.

  • Peonies

These bright, fluffy flowers are associated with love, romance, and prosperity. They are fresh and look full so they will surely be a beautiful addition to your bouquet. Peonies are also great as vase flowers and immediately add freshness to any space.

  • Tulips

Tulips of every color are considered classic and elegant flowers by florists. These blooms signify “perfect love” and can be a great gift for your significant other. If you are someone who wants to declare your love, you can send him or her red tulips and a card and they will surely appreciate your gesture.

Flowers are elegant and timeless. They can put a smile on anyone’s face and relieve stress with just their aroma. Aside from their beauty, these blooms carry different emotions and meanings. You do not have to break the bank looking for the right gift for your loved one. With flowers, you will surely have no trouble finding the perfect one that can convey your heart’s message. Flowers are cheap, accessible, and perfect for any kind of occasion. These blooms will surely be your new best friend.