Hibiscus Florists Review

Hibiscus Florists is named after the brightly colored bloom that is native to tropical regions.This is a homegrown floral boutique that holds specializations in vividly colored, beautiful floral arrangements. Its humble beginning began with a vision to bring a smile to everyone’s face, be it special moments, celebrations, or healing times.

Since their beginnings, Hibiscus Florists continue to learn and listen so that they can be relevant to every moment of life. After all, they hold personal touch dearly in their hearts. This enables them to serve people conveniently in their locations in both Republic Plaza and Capital Tower.

The floral arrangements at Hibiscus Florists for all special celebrations like birthday parties and weddings. Along with planning and decoration, Hibiscus Florists provides pleasant floral arrangement workshops. These workshops are great for team-building, corporate events, and weekly subscription services for every floral enthusiast.

The devoted team of Hibiscus Florists will be more than happy to help you in meeting your floral arrangement requirements. Simply make a call to this floral boutique to enquire about their services and packages. Plus, all the packages and services are highly customizable.


Selection of Products at Hibiscus Florists

Hibiscus Florists provides a wide range of hand-held bouquets, floral arrangements, and gift hampers for every sort of occasion. This floral boutique only uses the freshest blooms delivered to the store. Also, their bouquets are beautiful and unique.

All of their bouquets are filled to the brim using complementing fillers. This fully brings out the charisma of the beautiful flowers. With a wide variety of dried and fresh flowers to select from, it will be difficult to make a choice for you.

Gift hampers from Hibiscus Florists are completely packed with tonics, supplements, and fresh fruit. When you will pair up the freshest flowers with these amazing gift hampers, it will definitely bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Hibiscus Florists offer amazing gift hampers and flower arrangements for all occasions. Be it a corporate or team-building event, Hibiscus Florists got you all covered. When it comes to bouquets, customers won’t be caught off guard with their selection of bouquets. These bouquets are available for every occasion. Even if you want to surprise someone special, Hibiscus Florists is the right place for you.

Also, Hibiscus Florists offer flower arrangements to express your condolence and deepest thoughts to the one that matters. Hibiscus Florists is a perfect place if you are celebrating birthday parties and weddings. The florists are there to help with the celebration of your kids’ birthday parties. Also, if it is your big day and you like everything to go smoothly, then leave it to their expertise. Rest assured that they will make every occasion more memorable and beautiful.

On the Hibiscus Florist website, everything is pretty arranged. You can search for a perfect bouquet or gift according to the theme or event. Just click on the ‘Shop Now’ tab and get a perfect gift for your perfect partner.


Payment Methods Accepted at Hibiscus Florists

At Hibiscus Florists, customers can make payments in various ways. It accepts every major debit card and credit card. Additionally, you can make payments via direct bank transfers and Grab Pay. Also, customers may even opt for self-collection at all physical store locations of Hibiscus Florists for a waiver of delivery fees.


Same-Day Floral Deliveries at Hibiscus Florists

Hibiscus Florists provides you with the same-day flower delivery option from Monday to Sunday. For this, customers have to pay a flat delivery charge of $15. If you are looking forward to the best results, it is better to give advance notice. You can place your order at least four hours before to ensure that your bouquet is arranged impeccably.

To make urgent deliveries, you should contact the florist team of Hibiscus Florists directly. Delivery might not be made to locations with limited access like Jurong Island, Changi Airport, or shipyard. In these cases, you have to pay a surcharge as well.

Unfortunately, Hibiscus Florists do not offer a refund due to the costs of materials and flowers involved. However, they do make exceptions if you like to delay your placed order for future delivery. It is better to contact them if you come across any issue. They would be happy to help!

To serve their customers better, Hibiscus Florists have begun to provide their services in Republic Plaza since 2009. Over and above the gift hampers, floral, condolences and congratulatory arrangements, they have added additional services like workshops, weddings, birthday parties, etc. for complementing existing services.

At Hibiscus Florists, a team of professionals looks forward to assisting their customers in their special occasions, team bonding, kids’ parties, and the next events. Contact them now!


Reliable Service

This floral boutique promises premium quality in its craft. Also, the florists are devoted to crafting your desired bouquet depending on the online displays. However, because of certain limitations like logistic shortages, the florists won’t be able to reconstruct the exact size, shape, or color of the listed product.

On the other hand, Hibiscus Florists view this as a chance to be more adventurous in their personalized touches and designs to your bouquet. The fillers and flowers will be swapped according to their proficiency without shortchanging quality. Now, rest assured that your order from Hibiscus Florists is in good hands. This is because the experts figure out the best floral arrangements for such situations.

If you have any query, speak to Hibiscus Florists. There are subscriptions available too. Ask your queries regarding flower weekly/subscriptions to meet your particular requirements.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][nitro_banner image_alignment=”tc” image_content=”content_text” text_color=”#dd9933″ banner_custom_id=”nitro_custom_css_2076767132″ image=”44324″ text_heading=”Flower from Just $29
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