How Do You Know if Someone Refused the Flower Delivery?

Flowers are always on the go to almost every occasion from Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Weddings, Funeral, Mother’s Day, to Anniversary. No matter what the occasion is, giving flowers is a perfect way to convey a message of admiration and gratitude. flowers are also a great way to extend heartfelt congratulations greeting to someone. This proves that flowers really fit on any occasion.

Ordering flowers online has become a trend nowadays. Gone are the days where you have to go to a flower shop and see for yourself the flowers that you want. With the aid of technology, people’s lives have become easier with just one tap away. Not only that, buying and receiving flowers can brighten anyone’s day.

However, not all people are pleased if they are given flowers especially if they feel creepy about the sender. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are aware of it but not everyone who sends you flowers has good intentions. There are men who send to charm you but with the ulterior motive of harming you.

Hopefully, if you receive flowers from someone who truly cares about you and at the same time has no intent to harm you, you can send your deepest gratitude by sending them a text message of “thank you.”

But if it’s the other way around that you are planning to give someone a bouquet of flowers and have it delivered by the flower delivery driver, how will you know if someone refused to accept the flower delivery?

The simple answer is that your flower delivery provider must contact you immediately if the person you are sending flowers didn’t receive it or refused flower delivery to receive it. If that is the case, you are not entitled to a full refund because the flowers are already considered sold. Instead, you can ask the flower delivery company to have it delivered in your address. But if your ego is too high, you can ask them to keep or throw it away for you.

On the other hand, if your recipient is not available when the flower delivery personnel arrived, they can either go back again in a few hours or have someone accept it on their behalf. But still, if they don’t want to receive it, they can inform you and have the option to deliver it to your address.

Expressing Gratitude

If you are the one accepting or receiving the flowers from someone and you truly appreciate the gesture. Here are the ways to express your gratitude for the flowers they sent.

  • Informal Way

If you received a surprise bouquet of flowers from your friend or your spouse who is not into giving flowers, it is not required for you to formally say thank you. The reason for this is that you often see them and a phone call or saying thank you in person is already enough. However, if you and the sender are active on social media, you can take a quick snap on the flowers and post it online and tag them. For spouses, on the other hand, a big and warm hug and a kiss on the lips are enough to express your appreciation to them.

  • Formal Way

If you received a bouquet of flowers from an organization, boss, associates, business acquaintances, a formal thank you would be appropriate. There are a lot of ways to express your gratitude formally. You can send a thank you card addressed to the sender of the flowers. Adding a personal touch to your thank you card will surely make the sender happy knowing that you also appreciate the gesture.

How Your Thank You Card Should Be

There is a proper way of expressing your gratitude to someone for the flowers they sent to you. Here are some of them:

  • Tone

Your tone must match your thank you card to the relationship that you have with your sender. If he is your significant other, then you have a romantic tone with your thank you note or card. However, if it is your boss that sent you flowers, then your tone must be in a formal way. Avoid using informal language with someone whom you have a professional relationship like a colleague or business associate.

  • Style

Your thank you card must not be boring. There are a lot of ways to add a little spice to your thank you card. If you receive the flowers from your best friend, you can create a flashy card that your best friend will really love. But if it is from someone whom you have a professional relationship, then a more sophisticated card will be okay. But if you like to keep it simple and minimal, then a silver lettering can be appropriate to anyone.

  • Language

Your thank you note should not sound like a business letter if your relationship with the sender is personal like your best friend or spouse. You can even add some jokes on your language to card to make them laugh. But again if you have a professional relationship with the sender, then you must use a formal language. Make sure to write a draft first and have your grammar and spelling checked. But if you are not sure what to write, you can ask a friend for advice and have it proofread. Avoid any slang language that might confuse the sender.