How to Buy, Arrange, and Care for Flowers Like a Pro?

Flower lovers can surely understand the anxiety that can occur upon seeing flowers wilting sooner than time as you thank them for the charm they added to your special events and memories. No matter how unavoidable this end is, you can still try to make the flowers live longer with the right choices made from the beginning itself. In this regard, we are going to tell you about the important aspects of purchasing, arranging, and caring for the flowers that increase the life span of flowers.


Buying flowers

Here is the where and how about it.


Going to the right place

You have two options when it comes to where to buy flowers from- local florist or online. With local flower shops, you get the advantage of personal supervision, wholesale bargain, and accurate customized arrangements. On the other hand, online flower shopping places great offers, huge flower varieties, door-step delivery, international market access, and many other deals and discounts in front of you.


Choosing the right flowers

While making this decision, you need to be very careful as to not over-do anything. Instead of getting blinded by the colors, pick at best three shades of flowers or monochromes. Buy the small as well as the large flowers and pick different shapes, lengths, and textures too. Don’t forget to get some filler flowers that give a dense look to the floral arrangements.

Base flowers are very important for multiple bouquets. Sale flowers may surely be appealing but they won’t last very long, so be wary of them. Keep a check on the timing of your event too and buy flowers accordingly.


Arranging flowers

There are many aspects of floral arrangements that mostly depend upon the type of event or gifting needs. You can arrange them in so many different ways according to space, mood, and personal preferences. However, there are certain basics to the art of arranging flowers and we are going to tell you all about it.


Early prep

These tips will come in handy-

  • Remove all the bands and wrappings from the flowers to allow air.
  • Cut about an inches length at the bottom of the stems that increase their life.
  • Flowers left in some lukewarm water tend to get better absorbing capacity for later. Leave them so for some days before starting the arrangement.
  • You can also soak the flowers in a mixture of flower food preservative and lukewarm water to prevent the risk of bacterial growth and keep the flowers fresh and healthy for a longer time.


Making flower arrangements

The owners of this art can cast a beauty spell upon the flower receivers or home spaces. Let us now give you some idea of arranging flowers like a pro.


Flower vases

Choosing a vase is the first step as you go with tall vases for a sleek and formal arrangement while wide-mouth vases for rustic arrangements. Space is another factor to consider as that will greatly impact the arrangement.

  • For wide vases, build the flower bunch in your hand first according to the design that you planned and just put the whole bouquet in the vase at once. Make sure to rightly and evenly cut the stems so that the bouquet doesn’t end up splurging out.
  • For tall vases, pick a reference point at the space where you are going to keep the arrangement and start building the bunch from front to back. A good idea is to keep the fillers towering at the back so that the main flowers look popping in the front.


Bouquet arrangements

These are the perfect gifts to make and receive as well. While you can get them made with the expert florists, it’s not very difficult to do some DIYs with them. Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Monochrome bouquets- These are made of flowers of the same color that can have different hues and tones.
  • Monotype bouquets- These contain the same type of flowers and you can experiment with different varieties of the same species too.
  • Mixed texture bouquet- These arrangements look very bold and contemporary with flowers of different texture giving a resplendent sight.

Here are some other tricks to make the arrangements nicer.

  • Prune the flowers to clean them off any unwanted foliage extra branches, leaves, thorns, buds, etc.
  • No leaves, bud, or flower must touch the water as they rot fast and contaminate the water.
  • Don’t mind cutting off the extra inches from the stems but with care, once to test and other time to finalize.
  • Try arranging flowers in symmetrical orders of color, type, size, or shape.
  • You can try a unique container like the ones made of recycled material.
  • You can add decorative stuff to the flower arrangements for making the event special.
  • Take the help of online tutorials as you can get some really great ideas from there about the different experiments you can do with the floral arrangements.


Caring for flowers

Surely the floral arrangements look amazingly beautiful and you want to continue looking at them for longer. It won’t be forever, but surely for a considerable time if you care for the flowers with these tips:

  • Save the flowers from any exposure to direct heat or sunlight. Wind also isn’t good for them.
  • Make sure to change the water each or alternate day. You may also wash the container and mix a pinch of bleach in the new water for the bacterial kill.
  • The water must be free from any debris or wilted leaves/petals for preventing bacterial contamination.
  • If you have used flower food, then replenish it too with the water.
  • Prune the flower stems too, every time you change water or in three days.
  • Check the bouquet health in the week mid and prune them as needed.
  • You can also try the dry flower technique, wall hangings, or floral jewelry to make use of the flowers once they wither.

Practice and patience is the key when it comes to becoming a flower master as it’s an art that can’t be learned overnight. Start from the basics to reach the pro level and don’t forget to have fun in the process.