How to Make Sure Your Flower Delivery Is Fresh?

Here is How to Make Sure you Flower Delivery Is Fresh

Flowers are the best gift for every type of occasion and event. You can send flower delivery to your mom and dad on holidays and occasions or to your family members and relatives on special days. You can also send flowers as a gift to the girl you love or to your wife on anniversary. Flowers are also great for indoor decorations and interior designs. Whether you are picking one to send to a special someone or you prefer to have flowers at home for elegant interior design, for sure you always want the best flowers. As the florist delivery arrives, how will you know if the flowers are still fresh? What are the things that you should look at to tell if the flowers are fresh?

  • Look into the Buds

The first thing to check if a flower delivery arrives to know if the flowers are fresh is the buds. Inspect the buds for any discoloration or signs of wilting. In case these are visible, it means that the flowers are past its fresh condition. Most flowers for bouquets and flower arrangements are cut before the blooms turn into seed. If the inner part of the bud has seed, it means that the flower will not stay fresh for longer. The buds should be tight, too. The tighter they appear, the fresher they are. Roses and Tulips are best bought or picked while buds are tightly closed.

  • Check the Stems

The stems of the flowers signify if the blooms are still fresh or already on its way to getting wilted. A fresh flower has firm and sturdy stem in bright or rich green color. The stem should not be bending and broken. The end of the stem, if freshly cut, has the green and white color while stem that is not fresh has brown or yellowish color. Discoloration of the stems and leaves are a sign that the blooms are no longer fresh. When the flower delivery arrived, you are free to check the stems to tell whether the flowers are fresh or not.

  • Look at the Leaves

The leaves of the flowers in a bouquet should appear shiny in its green color. If there are parts of the leaves that look brownish it means that the flowers are no longer fresh and will soon wilt out. Spots on the leaves and on the stems from where some leaves were fallen off are also a sign that the flowers used for the bouquet will no longer last for a long while. If you are receiving a bouquet from the florist delivery, make sure to keep an eye on the leaves to tell whether the flowers are still in its fresh condition.

Transportation of flowers may affect the freshness and quality of the flowers. It may take a few minutes to an hour for the delivery person or courier to deliver the flowers to its recipient or to your doorstep. When the flowers arrive, the first thing to know is whether they are still fresh. Once you decide to accept the delivery, you can do something to keep the flowers fresh.

How to Keep Flower Bouquets Fresh to Last

  • Prepare the Bouquet

Once the flower delivery arrives and the flower bouquet reaches your hand, it is best to unwrap it from its cover. Next step is to prepare the flower vase where you want to transfer the flowers. You will need a clean vase filled with clean water. You may also add flower food included in the package or create an organic one using materials or ingredients you have at home.

  • Cut the Stems

Before putting the flowers in its flower vase, you need to cut the bottom part of the stem in a diagonal way. This will allow the stem to absorb water efficiently while inside the vase. The right way to cut the stem is at least one inch from the bottom end upward.

  • Remove Leaves

Leaves at the bottom part of the stems should be removed. Leaves should not reach the water line for the water to remain clean and for the flowers to prevent bacteria and fungi build up. Leaves will tend to rot when soaked in water. When this happen, the flowers will fade and wither easily.

  • Choose a Location for the Vase

Now that your flower bouquet is already placed and arranged in a vase, the next thing to do is to choose the best location for the flowers to get sufficient light but not direct sunlight exposure. The flowers should be away from any sources of heat and cold breezes. If you want them in the window, make sure that the window is not under direct sunlight. If you want them in the kitchen, make sure that they are not near the refrigerator or near the basket of fruits.

  • Change Water Regularly

If water becomes cloudy and murky, it means that bacteria build up will soon appear. To avoid it, the florists suggest that you change water once daily or after every two days before the water get dirty. If there are petals falling off from the blooms, remove them right away.

The most important factor to make the flowers long lasting and fresh for a long while is the proper way of taking care of them. With the right care and with some flower preservatives to add to the water, you will enjoy the blooms and its beauty for long in your room at home or in the office.