How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers?

From the bridal bouquet to entourage flowers to flowers for the altar to reception floral arrangements, wedding flowers are indeed essential. However, flowers are costly and pricey, especially if the wedding calls for elegant designs and flower arrangements. Fortunately, with the florist in Singapore, you don’t need to spend all of your savings on wedding flowers. There are ways to afford the most gorgeous flowers to make your wedding stand out from the rest. Consider these tips and tricks on how to save money on wedding flowers from professional wedding florists:

·        Choose a Simple yet Elegant Floral Bouquet Design

Yes, it is your big day and you deserve the most extravagant floral bouquet that will compliment your wedding gown. But that does not mean that you have to pick the most expensive flowers. With creativity and uniqueness in design, you can have a simple yet elegant bridal bouquet on your wedding day at an affordable flower cost. Allow your wedding florist to help you from the choice of flowers to the use of big blooms to incorporating dried flowers, and more.


·        Go for Wholesale

Wholesaler florists provide a wide range of flower types for an affordable price. If you are on a tight budget but you want to enjoy plenty of flowers on your wedding day, going for wholesale flowers is probably the best way to save money on wedding flowers.  Your wedding florist can help you locate local and international suppliers of wholesale flowers.


·        Choose Seasonal Flowers

Every bride looks for ways on saving wedding bouquet prices. Although certain types of flowers are naturally amazing and stunning, there are hundreds of in-season flowers at the flower shop that are undoubtedly impressive, vibrant in colors, and fragrant, too. The best thing about these local flowers is that they are sold at a price everyone can afford. When you plan for the wedding flowers, tell your wedding florist what you want and she will surely find a way to make your dream flowers become a reality without spending too much.


·        Swap Pricey Blooms with Budget-Friendly Ones

If Roses and Tulips are expensive in your city, perhaps a more budget-friendly option for your wedding flowers is better. The florist understands that most couples prefer to save money on wedding flowers for practical reasons. Moreover, expensive flowers can also be used as the main object of the bouquet and accentuated with other types of flowers that are cheaper in price. In case the bride prefers a bigger bouquet, there are blooms with large heads to fill up the bouquet. A few stems for each bouquet is enough, which is great for a tight budget.


·        Use Greenery and Foliage Instead of Flowers

You can save money on wedding flowers if you will rather have greenery and foliage for the decorations. A table centerpiece that is made from lush greenery provides a festive dining table or buffet table. The leaves of Eucalyptus, for example, can be paired with Lavender leaves for added fragrance and freshness. Working with the wedding florist is the best way to achieve an impressive floral arrangement of foliage and leaves, even without the expensive flowers.


·        Consider Mixing Flowers, Greenery, and Fruits

Mixing flowers, foliage, and fresh fruits together to create a bridal bouquet and wedding flowers is possible. It is a sure way to control and go within the budget. They also look wonderful on top of the tables and buffet table, if the reception venue lacks eye-catching decoration.


·        Repurpose Wedding Flowers for Reception

After the wedding ceremony, the flowers used to decorate the altar can be used to decorate the reception venue. The bridesmaids’ bouquets are also an ideal table centerpiece for each table. Instead of holding them throughout the event, the bouquets can be placed on vases or jars to serve as table decorations. If repurposing wedding bouquets is your plan, let the florist know so that she can prepare the needed vases and include them in the wedding delivery. Of course, after the event, the bridesmaids are free to bring home their bouquets.


·        Choose A Garden Wedding

Most of the gardens offered for weddings and events are landscaped with different kinds of flowers. If you are thinking about how to save money for wedding, opting for a garden wedding can be a wonderful decision. The flowers in the garden are fresh, naturally fragrant, and in vibrant colors. There is no need to spend a portion of your budget on the flowers because the entire place is already filled with glamorous flowers. However, you may still need the service of a wedding florist for the bridal bouquet and flowers of the entourage.


·        Use Fabrics Instead

Fabrics like satin, chiffon, silk, and soft linen are useful in decorating the altar, the aisle, the tables, and the venue. Instead of using a floral arrangement, a simple draped satin will turn an ordinary walkway into an attractive aisle for the bridal march. There are so many things that you can do with these fabrics, and that is a better way to save on wedding flowers. Ask the florist for decoration ideas using these fabrics or search the net.


·        Use Non-floral Decorative Items

Candles, fruits, balloons, garlands, and pompoms are some of the non-floral decorative items that you can use for weddings. If you are a little tight on the budget for wedding flowers, you can make use of these items to fill up the table and spruce up the wedding ceremony. You can even showcase your creativity and artistic side if you will opt for a DIY wedding decoration using these materials.