The Origin of International Women’s Day

If you have never heard of International Women’s Day, you have probably been missing out on a very important mark on the history of the people’s lives. It takes place on the 8th of March for more over than a century, as it is celebrated globally for the social and political success and contributions of women all around.

Dating back to 111 years, the unfair treatment between a man and a woman has always been there. Thanks to the efforts and protests of the past, the first International Women’s Day was officially celebrated on the 8th of March, 1911.

As critical debates gave unrest to the women of the world, oppression and abuse struck fear in the hearts of young women. So, for the people who were affected by inequality, this day gave a beacon of hope.


What is inside the history of International Women’s Day

As everybody knows, everything has its story. Before this International Women’s Day was established, society during those times was in favor of men, until it changed one fateful day in Germany. The first hints of it were as early as 1900. The German Social Democratic Party held conferences of what they should do about women’s issues, such as the fact that they were not allowed to vote.

By 1907, the first protests by the International Conference of Socialist Women were heard in Stuttgart, Germany with the primary goal of getting women into the workforce. On February 28, 1909, protests in New York City were seen, declaring the first woman’s day when women demanded better working conditions and better pay.

Soon after, the Second International Conference of Working Women came together on August 26 to 27, 1910, located in Copenhagen as 100 delegates across the world came together. On said conference, Clara Zetkin pushed the idea for an International Women’s Day. This gave women, one day every year, to organize and press for equal rights. After a unanimous vote, the International Day was finally born.

As to this day, more demonstrations are seen on the streets during March 8th. As Women’s Day is celebrated all over Europe, Italy has a tradition of giving bright yellow mimosa flowers to women. Behind the story of how this happened started in 1946 after the war, where two activists celebrated Women’s Day by offering branches of mimosa to other women as a sign of respect and support.


How Women’s Day affected the lives of people

  • Gender Equality & Rights

Finally achieving the rights that all women should deserve, women can now vote and let their voices be heard. Due to the International Women’s Day becoming a global thing, their rights are now further boosted to help them adjust to life, society, and the world. This helps them gain equal type of treatment and opportunities.


  • Better Jobs

Although the gender gap in employment remains unstable, there has been an improvement in the employment rate of women as compared to before. The labor force of women started to increase; it significantly raised the numbers from 15 percent to 60 percent since the 19th century. Noted as one of the most significant economic growth, it enabled them to have a choice in choosing any job.


  • Impact on Men

Seeing the world is changed as Women’s Day continues to inspire and give strength, not only did it give courage to those who needed it, but it went ahead and changed the view of how men perceive a woman. Men slowly started to recognize a woman’s worth, and slowly gave more attention and weight to their words, putting it into the limelight.


  • Increase in Economic value

As women hold more than 40 percent of the payroll jobs around the world, this means that the female workforce made significant contribution. While women do play an important piece in supporting a country, women are also needed for developing a society, since they help enhance human resources in terms of quality and quantity. Of course, as time goes on, this fact becomes clearer by the day and is proven true by women around the world.


  • The success of the 20th century

Success cannot be achieved when half of the population is held back. Since freedom for women was given a push, performance and businesses have now since improved as years pass by. The creativity and innovation of people is more active and indifferent, giving ideas that kept flowing into the palms of humanity. From healthcare improvements to higher performance in the industry, women hold one of the most important roles in history.

Signifying a day that gives women the power to their fate, the International Women’s Day finally took off as a day to celebrate the efforts of people who took action to make this dream come true. Marked as the time to celebrate the feats and roles of their influence, it has made equal rights for everyone, especially women.

People celebrate the importance of this day to honor the lives of those who made it possible to change this unfair situation. Where women fought as they stand up for human rights, it made the foundation of what the world is today.

As the days turned into years, this day brings a lot of history and facts that you never knew existed. With some of its histories still intact, you should know one of the best things that ever happened in human history.

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