Is Sending Flowers to Work a Good Idea?

Flowers are an international symbol or way to express emotions or sentiments. They can be given as gifts or as tokens in any event or occasion. This is how diverse and innovative flowers can be. Flowers are used as decoration and sometimes, even bookmarks. There are many ways and uses of flowers today that one might overthink that there are times where flowers are not a good idea.

If you think about it deeply, flowers are safe and unharmful in all possible ways. Their beauty can seldom be used for malicious intent. Thinking about the many uses of flowers, one might wonder if sending flowers to work is a good idea. Since it a different and professional environment and flowers are often used to express feelings. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with sending flowers to work unless there is some hidden intention of trying to bribe or suck it up to a boss. That would be seen as something unpleasant, wrong or a suck-up.

Make sure that if you do plan to send flowers to work, they are all for good reasons and never to just get a promotion by wooing your boss. And of course, if there is a company policy that prevents an employee from having any romantic relationship with another employee, then it is best not to send flowers to someone you like or in a romantic relationship within the workplace as this could lead to some serious repercussions.

When do you know is a good time or occasion to send flowers?

Below are some instances when you can send flowers to work:

  1. To say thank you

    • if you have gotten a promotion or someone had done you a huge favor in the workplace, sending flowers to him or her is a good idea to show how grateful you are. Make sure you pick the right flowers to prevent anyone from misconstruing what that hand bouquet or flower arrangement means. This would definitely make the recipient feel how special and grateful you are to them. It could be to someone who took your shift while you were on sick leave, someone who helped you get through difficult times or even a mentor or boss that has taught you how to be better at your job. There are many instances in the workplace wherein you can send a bouquet of flowers to say thank you or show how much you appreciate that person helping you out. There is no malicious intent there and there would be no way that people would misunderstand the situation.
  1. To say congratulations

    • if someone you work with has gotten a promotion, you can say congratulations by sending a bouquet of flowers to him or her. Flowers can be used to express many things, including how proud you are of someone’s achievements. This not only creates a peaceful and non-competitive environment in the workplace and would show that you are a good sport for being proud of your fellow colleague. Flowers will definitely make them feel happier about being promoted or getting the job they want or even winning their first client project or case. Either way, it is always good to congratulate somebody even if they only had or experienced small wins.
  1. For retirement

    • This is not common but should be something that people should do. Retirement does not come easy. This would be that that person has serve and worked for years until he or she has reached the retirement age. Sending flowers to someone who is retiring or about to retire will make them feel special and important in the company. It is also a sweet way of saying thank you for the services they have given. This always a good idea as it makes the retirees happy and grateful to have spent years in that company that show kindness and warm support to each other. This helps grow a better foundation for a company as employees are seen to be treated well and are important and vital in the development of the company they are working for. The next time you see someone retiring or about to retire, send them a special hand bouquet to show them just how much you and the company appreciate them.
  1. For other special occasions

    • Other special occasions may include birthdays, engagements and or weddings. During these special occasions a hand bouquet can be a great gesture to say congratulations or happy birthday to your employee, boss or fellow employee. Flowers are harmless when given and arranged right and given to the right people. Even as a boss, it is always a great way to show your employees how much you care about them by sending them flowers to say happy birthday or congratulations on getting engaged. This makes you someone who genuinely cares about his or her employee which is always something good in a working environment. Being an employee, of course, makes no difference as showing people you appreciate them and are proud of them makes the environment in your office more carefree and stress free. This also makes you someone who people can look up to and trust as you show kindness to everyone in the office. Flowers can be given to anyone, as long as it is appropriate and for good and sweet reasons. It could make anyone’s day.