June is one of the loveliest months on the calendar. And what is more lovely about June is the birth month flower, the Rose. Rose is one of the most popular flowers known by virtually everyone, and the rose is associated with people born in June. So, if you are born in June or have a unique celebration, then rose is for you. The rose is a very cherished flower by many people because of its nice fragrance and unique beauty for many centuries now. Even the Greek and Roman people saw this flower as a flower that has a lot in common with love and passion, and to these people, they believed it has an origin from the goddess of love, Aphrodite, Isis, and Venus.

Different types of rose and their meanings

Roses come in different colours and with different meanings. They could be red, pink or white. Whatever the colour may be,  it carries a message that is unique to its colour, the underlying message the rose conveys is love and passion.

The red rose: it passes across a message of I love you. When you gift a red rose to someone, it is a way of showing your deep affection towards the person. Traditionally, red roses represent romance and love. It could also be used to represent beauty and perfection. Red roses are red, but how deep the red is, passes across a message of the intensity of your affection towards the person you are sending the roses to.

The pink rose: another unique colour of rose is pink.  The pink rose can be given to a friend you admire when there is no form of romance between the two of you. Words like gentleness, joy, happiness, grace are just a few words that can be used to describe the meaning associated with the pink rose.

The yellow rose: yellow roses are also unique in their own ways. They can be given to a friend just to appreciate the joy he or she brings you. The yellow rose just has a warm feeling that when you give to a person you care about, can lighten the atmosphere. When you think about the yellow rose, words like bright, cheerful and joyful should be what comes to your mind.

The white rose: it is rose that clearly represents innocence and purity.  The white rose can be used in the wedding,  it can also be used to pass a message of a new beginning too. White roses are really lovely and dear to hold. The nice fragrance and well-structured petals have a charm that can mesmerize anyone.

The orange rose: this is another type of this unique flower. The orange rose could represent energy, as it could also convey the message of enthusiasm, excitement and desire. When you give an orange rose to a loved one,  you are indirectly passing a message to the person that you feel really excited about the person or the relationship itself. Whatever the case may be, the orange rose is perfect in its own way.

The lavender rose: it has a special way of passing the message of I love you. It is more like I love you in an enchanted way, or I love you and I can not stop thinking about you. The lavender rose can also mean love at first sight, while to some it is a means of reminding them daily of the love they feel for someone. When you give someone the lavender rose, you are indirectly telling the person how eager you are to grow in the relationship.

The novelty rose: this is special in its own way as it can add a twist to the meaning it is passing across. For example, a yellow rose that has a red tip on top of it and means friendship or falling in love. Generally, the novelty rose is a fun way of twisting the meaning of the rose you are giving to your loved ones, but the rose is still unique and beautiful.

The salmon rose: it is one of a kind and a very unique type of rose that can help pass across almost the same meaning as the orange rose. The salmon rose is less of a pinker shade of orange. And it passes down the message of enthusiasm, excitement and desire. When you give this rose to someone you are indirectly sharing your desire for the person, and the person would know how true you are.

The peach rose: If you are grateful to someone, or you just want to show gratitude and appreciation, then the peach rose is made just for you. Giving a peach rose is a unique way to tell someone, thank you. You can give the peach rose to someone who had a great impact to getting you to where you are, just to show how grateful you are to the person and to tell the person a heart-warming thank you.

The cream rose: it passes a message of charm and thoughtfulness. When you want to pass across this message and you do not want to send too many conflicting colours of Rose, you can easily send a bouquet of cream rose, and it would do just the job for you.

The green rose: the last of famous types of Rose out there is the green rose. The green rose represents life, abundance, growth, and energy. You can give this colour of rose to an elderly person.

Rose can be used for a lot of things like for food, drinks and perfumes. It can even be used as a medicine to cure some certain ailments. Although the rose has been commonly loved for their ornamental values, they are useful for other things. So, when you see a rose on the label of a jam or any other food product, do not be surprised as roses are not only used for decorations and presentations as gifts but are edible also. So, live life, have fun, fall in love and give out a bouquet of rose to tell the person how deep your love is.